How to Find the Right Mattress for Your Body Type

How to Find the Right Mattress for Your Body Type

The Science of Good Slumber

When you enter into the simple act of getting ready for a good night of shut eye, most of your body’s vital functions burn the midnight oil, helping you heal and feel rested. But during the process, you unconsciously slip into a number of sleeping habits that you’ve developed to ensure your best comfortability, and hopefully, a guarantee of the best kind of sleep.

Now, there are many unique factors that contribute to the makeup of our sleeping habits and one of the most significant is our specific body type. When we sleep, we relinquish control to our subconscious – the autopilot that makes sure our physiological and mental processes all align in sleep shift. When we’re in that slumber though, we can’t always control the environmental comfort our bodies need for healing sleep, and if conditions aren’t right, back pain, neck pain and interrupted sleep can be the symptoms. That’s why it’s imperative that when endeavouring to choose the right mattress, your body type and the type of mattress that corresponds, should be the first addressable requirement.

But how do you know which mattress might be best for your body? Let’s unpack some pointers:

What Type of Mattress is Best for Your Body?

It’s all about pressure points and spine care. Each body type will disperse weight differently, and so the point of matching the right mattress to your body, is to make sure that when you sleep. Your pressure points are supported in the right areas, and your spine is kept in optimal alignment.

The Average Body Type.

The average body would need a comfort level that fits in just as middle a level. You’ll still have relatively heavy pressure points in areas like the shoulders and hips, so a medium mattress – not too soft, not too hard – will indeed be just right.

The Forty Winks Sleepfit Medium Mattress will give you unmatched core support and comfort, and optimal medium weight distribution– no more aches and pains. It also boasts a luxurious surface, with a unique pocket spring system that isolates partner motion for rest that’s guaranteed every night.

The Flatter Body Type.

These bodies have less weight at those crucial pressure points of the shoulder and hip. So, a mattress with too much weight distribution would be no good. To keep a flatter body spinally aligned, the best option is to go softer – the flatter body is more evenly weighted, so too much firmness can counter that natural alignment and actually force more misalignment during slumber.

The Sealy Celebration Plush Mattress is part of Sealy’s renowned Posturepedic range and it’s designed with two layers of luxury plush foam, and a high-density gel memory foam for extra support. Controlled weight distribution, and the plushness you can sink into, make this one ideal for your body type. 

The Curvy Body Type.

These bodies have the most distributed weight at the main pressure points. When lying down, the shoulders and hips may sink deeper into the mattress. On a mattress with insufficient distribution, this will cause the legs and feet to lift higher than the centre mass of the body, causing a typical, and problematic, spine misalignment. So, curvier body types need distribution at pressure points that can only come from firmer mattresses.

The Forty Wink MegaSleep Firm Mattress has maximum weight distribution from high-quality foam, adapts to temperature changes to maintain a consistent and comfortable sleeping environment, giving you the perfect night’s rest. 

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