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8 Items

Bed bases for sale

As important as a mattress, so too is the foundation on which it rests. A bed base needs to give support to the mattress so that they work in harmony, as well as provide ventilation to increase a mattress’s longevity.

Dial a Bed offers a range of bed bases for sale in various sizes – choose from a single bed base, a double bed base, a queen bed base and a king bed base. All of these come in standard length sizes, and extra length too.

How to choose a bed base

Buying a bed base from Dial a Bed is easy, and you’ll not only have a big choice, but you’ll be guided by our team of sleep experts who will make your buying process easier, and who will lead you to the best prices.
It might seem obvious, but the first step is in choosing a base that fits your existing mattress. Don’t just consider the surface area – also look at the height of the bed, and if it’s comfortable getting on and off once you’ve added the height of the mattress on top.

When choosing the upholstery of the bed base, consider the rest of the décor in your room, and if it will complement the colour scheme.
If you have an expensive carpet or wooden floor, choose glides that won’t be damaging.
If you expect to move or slide your bed around, choose a base with wheels.

How long do bed bases last?

A quality bed base should be replaced between 6 – 8 years, similar to a mattress. To see whether it needs replacing, check for springs that are out of place, and creaking or other noises. Also see if it’s still level, or sagging.

If you need guidance on whether your base needs replacing, or help to choose the right base for your mattress, a specialist from Dial a Bed will be ready and able to assist.

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