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  1. Dunlopillo Excel Firm
    Dunlopillo Excel Firm
    From R3,899 From R3,399

    33 990

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  2. Dunlopillo Mattress in a Box Medium
    Dunlopillo Mattress in a Box Medium
    From R5,499 From R3,999

    39 990

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  3. Dunlopillo Energise Firm
    Dunlopillo Energise Firm
    From R5,599 From R5,099

    50 990

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  4. Dunlopillo Hip Guard MK11
    Dunlopillo Hip Guard MK11
    From R7,099 From R6,599

    65 990

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  5. Dunlopillo Black Ice Vinson Firm
    Dunlopillo Black Ice Vinson Firm
    From R9,999 From R8,999

    89 990

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5 Items


Dunlopillo Mattress For Sale

As one of the leading bed manufacturers’ in the UK, Dunlopillo is a brand name synonymous with creating environmentally-sound and ethically-aware mattresses and beds. When you buy a Dunlopillo mattress, you’ll be investing in a mattress that uses 100% pure latex that has been ethically harvested from plantations that are sustainable. At Dial-a-Bed we are proud to exclusively stock this green brand in our stores and online, who are know to offer latex mattress designs that promise excellent resistance and wonderful support.

Shop for Dunlopillo mattresses for sale now and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Dunlopillo mattresses are designed to last with natural resilience for a longer, shapelier life span. Dunlopillo want’s you to be able to celebrate life’s special moments and not have to worry about bad sleep.

Choose a mattress from Dunlopillo today and you’ll get a durable, supportive and naturally protected bed for a more revitalized and healthier night’s sleep

Shop the Dunlopillo range now.

How much does a Dunlopillo mattress cost?

If you’re looking for the most competitive Dunlopillo mattress price list, then look no further than Dial-a-Bed stores today. As South Africa’s number one mattress retailer, we exclusively stock Dunlopillo beds and mattresses at a range of excellent prices that we guarantee will meet your budget.

You’ll be able to find a mattress in our range in sizes single, three quarter, double, queen and king size. Don’t forget to let us know if you require your new bed purchase in standard or extra-length.

Why should I buy a Dunlopillo mattress?

Dunlopillo is the only bed maker to have won three Which? Best Buy Awards in the UK. When it comes to this excellent brand, we believe there are a few really good reasons why Dunlopillo is a brand to invest in;

The Dunlopillo Design

The designers of Dunlopillo beds have come up with technology that sets them apart in mattress design. The LHL high density foam used in their beds is designed offer the sleeper max comfort and all-night long support. The foam shapes to your body during the night, responding to your weight and movements impeccably as you sleep. VC60 Support Core technology is a support layer that has been infused within the LHL foam and is designed to give added strength and durability to the mattress.

The Dunlopillo Eco-friendly Mission

To be the most eco-friendly mattress possible, is the Dunlopillo mission. Their designers have worked tirelessly to create a mattress that is the most hypo-allergenic, natural and protected it can be in order to make it as healthy and sustainable as possible. Dunlopillo Actipro™ technology helps to ensure that the mattress is protected against allergens, dust mites and bad odours

The Dunlopillo Driver

The aim of this leading bed brand is to take your sleep seriously by creating mattress designs that are both contemporary and comfortable. They want you to achieve the ultimate in rest and relaxation by sleeping on one of their superior mattresses made from sustainably sourced materials.

The Science of Sleep

The experts at the company have put together a series of interesting blogs all related to the science of sleep. From topics like what is a latex mattress to how to become a morning person, you’ll find an interesting range of articles with tips and trick for a better, more restful night.

Read the blog now.

Where to buy Dunlopillo mattresses in South Africa?

At SA’s number one retailer of course! Shop online or at one of our 65 stores countrywide for mattresses and bed sets in an array of sizes, comforts, supports and brands now.

Online Shopping

Online shopping has never been easier with Dial-a-Bed online. We stock all our brands at great prices online, ready and waiting for you to browse through at your convenience. Search by price and brand and you’ll be able to choose the support level you want in your bed too.

Outlets nationwide

Choose from one of our 65 stores throughout SA, with one in every province. Our sales consultants are at the ready, waiting to help you find the better of your dreams, literally! You’ll even be able to test the brand and models you like in one of our Comfort Test Areas. Locate your nearest store now.

Free Delivery for Online Orders

We’ll deliver your purchase for free when you order online. Just make sure you live within a 30km radius from a Dial-a-Bed and you could be sleeping in a new Dunlopillo bed tonight!

100 days and nights on us

Have you heard about the Dial-a-Bed 100 day and night comfort exchange? We are so proud of the brand we stock that we are backing them 100%. Our promise to you is that if you don’t wake up feeling totally recharged after 100 nights on your new Dial-a-Bed purchase, we’ll exchange the mattress for free!

Want to know more about our stock and prices? Call us on 086 100 7542.

Dial-a-Bed; Sleep for Life.

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