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Items 1-32 of 81

King Size Beds For Sale

A king-size bed really is fit for a king, in fact, it’s big enough to fit a king, his queen and even a few little princes and princess who want to sleep on bed too. The luxury and space provided for in a king bed is second-to-none and many customers say that once they get used to the generous amount of space and the quality of sleep that a king-size bed provides, they’ll never go back to another size bed.

At Dial•a•Bed we stock an enormous range of beds at the most competitive king size bed prices too. If you have the space to allow for this size of bed in your bedroom, we really do recommend trying this size bed on for size. Both you and your partner will have the luxury of having your own space to turn and move all night long without disturbing the other. Our price range is varied too, allowing you to find the king size bed that makes your budget happy too.

Find a Dial•a•Bed store and find a king bed fit for you today.

How big is a king size bed?

The standard king size bed comes in at 183cm wide and 188cm long. An extra length bed comes as a 200cm long unit; perfect for taller people who hate it when they feet hang off the bottom of the bed.

How much is a king size bed?

From the extremely affordable to the exclusively priced, you’ll find a king bed for sale at Dial•a•Bed that fits your pocket and your body perfectly. We aim to price all our beds just right, and that’s why we stock such a wide range of king size beds from leading bed retailers across the world.

Where can I buy a king size bed?

Come in to a Dial•a•Bed near you and take a look at the king beds we have in stock. Each store offers a Comfort Test Area, where you can test drive the beds in your price range. Just like you’d test drive a car for comfort and fit, we want you to be able to test how the bed feels too.

Visit a Dial-a-Bed store or shop online to explore our wide range of king beds. Get your bed on credit! Shop with your TFG Money Account and pay in 6 months interest free* instalments. *When your account is paid on time and in full each month. Service fees may apply. T&C apply. NCRCP36.
If you don't have an account, apply for a TFG Money Account via WhatsApp or at any of our our stores nationwide.

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