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Forty Winks Mattresses


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10 Items

Forty Winks Mattresses For Sale

Are you looking for a bed brand that will allow your mind and your muscles to recharge every night? Choose a Forty Winks mattress today for the best value-for-money bed design on the market, exclusive to Dial-a-Bed now.

Forty Winks mattresses for sale have all been designed to incorporate three Pro-Active Capsule Pocket springs into the memory foam of the mattress. This ingenious spring technology allows for less disturbance from your partner and more support from head to toe. The company promises luxurious comfort through a more cocooned sleep experience at some of the best prices in the business.

Shop with Dial-a-Bed today, SA’s number one bedding retailer and you won’t be disappointed. We offer you our online shopping platform as well as 65 stores nationwide in order to find the good night’s sleep that you deserve.

Why buy a Forty Winks mattress?

When it comes to Forty Winks mattress reviews, our customers are always resoundingly happy with their Forty Winks buy.  Aimed at being an affordable, value-for-money bedding brand that doesn’t skimp on quality, Forty Winks is definitely one of the most loved brands out there.

Where to buy a Forty Winks mattress in South Africa?

Looking for the most competitive Forty Winks mattress prices? Shop at Dial-a-Bed today, we guarantee you’ll find exactly what you're looking for at prices that will make your spine happy and your budget smile too.

Sleeping on A Forty Winks mattress

While the term forty winks refer to short naps, the mattress brand Forty Winks is devoted to the business of long and quality sleep, and have a range of incredible mattresses for great nights. In our frenetic and fast-paced world, good sleep is essential to function optimally during the day and with this in mind, Forty Winks mattresses are optimised to give you the best possible night’s sleep. The beds are designed to fully support the body no matter what your firmness or comfort preferences. Whatever you choose, you’ll wake up well-rested and ready to tackle the day.

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