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  1. Forty Winks Revive Firm
    Forty Winks Revive Firm
    From R6,099 From R5,099

    50 990

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  2. Forty Winks Vigour Medium
    Forty Winks Vigour Medium
    From R6,899 From R6,399

    63 990

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  3. Forty Winks Synergy Plush
    Forty Winks Synergy Plush
    From R7,899 From R7,399

    73 990

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  4. Forty Winks Powersleep Ultra Firm
    Forty Winks Powersleep Ultra Firm
    From R8,399 From R7,899

    78 990

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  5. Forty Winks Novara Firm
    Forty Winks Novara Firm
    From R9,999 From R6,499

    64 990

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  6. Forty Winks Sleepsmart Ultra Plush
    Forty Winks Sleepsmart Ultra Plush
    From R12,899 From R11,899

    118 990

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6 Items


Forty Winks Mattresses For Sale

Are you looking for a bed brand that will allow your mind and your muscles to recharge every night? Choose a Forty Winks mattress today for the best value-for-money bed design on the market, exclusive to Dial-a-Bed now.

Forty Winks mattresses for sale have all been designed to incorporate three Pro-Active Capsule Pocket springs into the memory foam of the mattress. This ingenious spring technology allows for less disturbance from your partner and more support from head to toe. The company promises luxurious comfort through a more cocooned sleep experience at some of the best prices in the business.

Shop with Dial-a-Bed today, SA’s number one bedding retailer and you won’t be disappointed. We offer you our online shopping platform as well as 65 stores nationwide in order to find the good night’s sleep that you deserve.

Shop the Forty Winks range now

Why buy a Forty Winks mattress?

When it comes to Forty Winks mattress reviews, our customers are always resoundingly happy with their Forty Winks buy.  Aimed at being an affordable, value-for-money bedding brand that doesn’t skimp on quality, Forty Winks is definitely one of the most loved brands out there.

Take a look at the excellent features you’ll get when you buy from this brand

Support no matter the weight

Whether you’re looking at a Forty Winks Spine Smart or a Forty Winks Margaux mattress, all the models in the range are designed to carry your weight with comfort and softness no matter how much you weigh. They offer mattress which are designed to carry between 140 – 160kgs for a firm, yet gentle sleeping experience.

Pro-Active Pocket Coil design                                        

With absolute comfort in mind, the spring design used in all Forty Winks mattresses uses Pro-active Capsule Pocket Coil technology in the centre of every bed. These springs offer extra support to the spinal area and also incorporates reinforced side support bars for additional strength.

Foam with high density properties

Together with the Pro-active Capsule Coils, the high-density memory foam in every Forty Winks mattress is designed to offer the softest of support without caving in. Support all night long while feeling soft to the touch is the experience you’ll look forward to when you buy a Forty Winks.

A ‘never have to turn’ mattress

How about a mattress that never has to be turned? Well, that’s what you’ll get when you buy a mattress from this leading manufacturer. All mattresses from Forty Winks come with a turn-free guarantee although they do recommend that you rotate the bed every few months or so.

Where to buy a Forty Winks mattress in South Africa?

Looking for the most competitive Forty Winks mattress prices? Shop at Dial-a-Bed today, we guarantee you’ll find exactly what your looking for at prices that will make your spine happy and your budget smile too.

 At Dial-a-Bed, the beds from most of our brands come in the following sizes;

  • Single mattress
  • Three Quarter mattress
  • Double mattress
  • Queen mattress
  • King mattress

Whether you’re in need of a double size bed for a teenager, or a king bed for Granny and Grandpa, you’ll be able to get anything you need in the bedding department at Dial-a-Bed today.

Shop with us Online

Keep warm and shop safely from home thanks to our full online shopping store. You can get everything you’ve seen in store at Dial-a-Bed online right now; from mattress protectors to king size bed sets, you’ll be able to securely browse and buy what you need with us today.

We also deliver all online order for FREE! As long as you live 30km from a Dial-a-Bed store, we’ll have your purchase packed up and delivered to your door at no extra cost.

Shop with us In Store

Some people still enjoy the good old-fashioned way of looking and feeling before you buy. For that, we’ve got just the thing! Join us at one of our 65 stores across SA to have a look and a feel of the beds and mattresses you like. We even have customised Custom Test Areas, in which we have mattresses on display for our customers to test out, allowing you to get the perfect picture of the bed the best for you.

If you buy before midday, we’ll have your bed in your room before night fall. We don’t want to delay a great night’s sleep for one more night, so we’ll happily deliver your purchase the same day if you buy before noon.

Comfort Exchange? Why not!

We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering you 100 days and nights for free. Thanks to our comfort exchange policy, we’ll offer you 100 nights to sleep on your new mattress and if you don’t wake up feeling completely recharged, we’ll exchange your mattress for free. Just make sure you’ve kept it nice and clean, with a mattress protector on.

Dial-a-Bed; Sleep for Life.

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