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100 Night Comfort Exchange

100 Nights Comfort Exchange 100 Nights Comfort Exchange

Why be stuck with an uncomfortable bed? If you’re not waking up recharged within 100 NIGHTS. We’ll exchange it for another!

Comfort is the most important thing when it comes to a great night’s sleep. We want you to sleep comfortably and soundly for years to come, so at Dial•a•Bed we introduced the 100 night comfort exchange, giving you the option of changing your mind!

How to qualify for the 100 Night Comfort Exchange

When you purchase a waterproof mattress protector with your new mattress from Dial•a•Bed, you will automatically qualify for our 100-night comfort exchange!

This waterproof mattress protector will aid in keeping your mattress in tip top condition so that if you are interested in exchanging it, it is in an acceptable condition to qualify for the 100 night comfort exchange. We want you to be happy, to protect your warranty and for you to have the option of change.

Terms and Conditions

Once you get your new mattress home – we ask that you sleep on it for a minimum of 30 nights, before thinking of changing the comfort.

The comfort exchange is valid for 100 nights, so plenty of time!

In order to validate the 100-night comfort exchange – you are required to purchase a new mattress protector from Dial•a•Bed. Reason being, every new mattress needs a new protector, to protect your new investment from stains, spills and to keep your mattress in a sanitary condition.


Comfort Exchanges must be for a product equal to or greater in value to the original purchase.

In order for Dial•a•Bed to process any comfort exchanges, we require the mattress to be in 100% perfect condition, i.e. no spills or stains anywhere. You will be liable for the delivery costs associated with exchanging your mattress.

What will void a warranty?

Burns or marks on the mattress

Spills or stains on the mattress

Not using the mattress protector

100 night time elapsed

100 Nights Comfort Sleep now decide later 100 Nights Comfort Sleep now decide later

How to choose the right bed for you

  • Try our in-store comfort testing stations or read more about our different comfort levels online here, to ensure you pick the right comfort that supports your needs.
  • Questions to ask before purchasing
    • Is this the right comfort level for me?
    • Have I looked at the weight restrictions for this mattress?
    • Is this a main bedroom or guest bedroom mattress? Have I consulted a sales consultant online/in-store about this.
    • Have I consulted a support/sales assistant regarding a possible injury that I need support with when sleeping?
  • What size mattress should I consider