What is a Plush Comfort Mattress?

What is a Plush Comfort Mattress?


It’s in the name – plush. Doesn’t the word just conjure thoughts of luxuriousness - soft, pillowing textures, and velvety, indulgent cushioning? All of these adjectives ring true, when describing the plush mattress. But in terms of a more formal, technical definition, the plush mattress is usually a mattress with a firm sleeping surface, and an added comfort layer on top, such as a pillowtop.


Why should you consider a plush mattress?


Well, in many a plush mattress review, it’s described simply as the best of both worlds. Soft layers of foam or innerspring blends, topping a mattress of medium to firm feel. What’s more, the plush mattress has more cushioning and luxuriousness with the pillowtop, and all of the back and neck support of a firmer mattress.


How do you know if a plush comfort mattress is right for you?


To determine whether a plush mattress is right for you, lending a modicum of thought to your sleep style, is your first step. Sleep style is easily identified – what position do you need to be in, to make sure the sandman gets to you quicker? Basically, do you need to be on your back, side or stomach? It matters to know when seeking the right mattress – each style of sleep is a unique attribute, and each will demand specific mattress features in order to ensure good rest, and the prevention of aches and pains in a day.


So, depending on your sleep style, how would you determine if a plush mattress is best for you?


  • Side-sleeper – As a side-sleeper, much of the gravitational pressure your body has to bear when horizontal, is concentrated around the shoulders and hips. Too hard a mattress, and these areas don’t get enough cushioning to offer optimal spine alignment. A plush mattress, then, is ideal, as it provides both enough cushioning to cradle these touchpoints of pressure, as well as the support to keep the spine aligned.
  • Back-sleeper – As a back-sleeper, the discomfort may come if your mattress is too soft. A soft mattress may cause your hips to sink lower than your head, which misaligns the spine. A plush mattress, again, provides the comfort of a soft mattress, but with enough support to keep the hips, neck and spine in line.
  • Stomach-sleeper – As a stomach-sleeper, you may often be told that yours is the least beneficial sleeping position. We’re not here to judge. Unfortunately, though, if you sleep on your stomach, your spine has to naturally curve, so a plush mattress isn’t the best choice for you. To give the stomach-sleeper the best support, a firmer mattress is the way – it works to keep bodyweight evenly distributed, so the spine is consistently aligned.

Where can you find a reputable, reliable retailer who carries only plush comfort mattresses in their inventory?


Dial-a-Bed has every option in plush, for every sleep-style. Here are just a few of the world-class beds we offer, each crafted with the plushness and comfort that’ll send you right to dreamland.


Sealy Strato


The Sealy Strato is a Posturepedic marvel. It’s designed with two layers of luxury plush foam, and a high-density gel memory foam for extra support.

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Sealy Skyline Ultra Plush


The Sealy Skyline Ultra Plush is the latest in sleep technology – latex memory foam layers provide a luxurious feel and comfort, for sleep that’s restful and uninterrupted.

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Simmons Healthsmart


The Simmons Healthsmart Plush is crafted with zero motion transfer, Visco Elastic Gel Infused Pamper Top, and Gel Cool Technology to regulate your temperature as you sleep.

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For a range of the most comfortable mattresses, to suit your unique sleep-style, in the brands you know will give you your best night’s sleep, shop online now with Dial-a-Bed.