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  1. King Koil Beech MK11
    King Koil Beech MK11
    From R4,049 From R3,549

    35 490

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  2. King Koil Akita Firm
    King Koil Akita Firm
    From R6,049 From R5,549

    55 490

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  3. King Koil Calla Medium
    King Koil Calla Medium
    From R7,049 From R6,549

    65 490

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  4. King Koil Shasta Plush
    King Koil Shasta Plush
    From R8,049 From R7,549

    75 490

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  5. King Koil Arman Plush
    King Koil Arman Plush
    From R10,049 From R9,049

    90 490

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5 Items


King Koil Mattresses For Sale

King Koil has been designing and engineering mattresses and bed sets for over 120 years. This leading American-based company promises King Koil mattresses, designed with one purpose in mind; providing quality, comfort and the latest in sleep technology.

We exclusively stock King Koil mattress and bed sets across our network of stores nationwide. As the number one bedding retailer in SA, we proudly offer you King Koil mattresses for sale at both our online store and local Dial-a-Bed outlets too.

As a leading bed manufacturer, the world over, King Koil aim to offer beds that deepen the connection between home and rest. You’ll not only be able to browse a wide variety of King Koil mattress models when you shop at Dial-a-Bed but you’ll also be able to get some of the most competitive King Koil mattress prices to boot.

Shop the King Koil range now

Which is the best King Koil mattress to buy?

No two bed buyers are the same when it comes to choosing a mattress. One buyer might prefer a medium support bed with softer on top cushioning, while another buyer might need a firmer mattress designed to support and align the spine. No matter what you want, or what you need, at Dial-a-Bed, you’ll find a King Koil mattress that offers you the kind of night’s sleep you are seeking.

Let’s take a look a why King Koil is one of the best bed brands available to buy;

How King Koil started

King Koil was founded by Samuel Bronstein over 120 years ago in the USA, when he first started the United States Bedding company. Samuel was a young and ambitious man who was determined to create a company that really cared about good quality, expertly-designed beds. Soon enough, United States Bedding became the manufacturer to beat in the US and the beginnings of King Koil began. The company officially changed their name in 1930 and honed their skills and perfected their designs into what they are today; one of the world’s leading manufacturers of beds and mattresses in over 90 countries across the globe.

King Koil is synonymous with sleep

Thanks to the expert and unique design of all King Koil mattresses, this bedding brand has become a name associated with creating a great night’s sleep for the whole family. All King Koil beds are created with a fabric that is anti-microbial, which means it offers excellent protection against allergens and dust mites for a longer, healthier night’s sleep.

The King Koil memory foam mattress, or as they’ve patented it - iNergex Foam – shapes and moulds to your body during sleep. It is a wonderful combination of both foam and latex and is able to comfortably and softly support your body at night. King Koil also designed their beds to have individually encased coils, that help to reduce movement and bounce as well as pressure point enhanced areas, all for a better, more undisturbed rest.

King Koil mattress range

From medium comfort King Koil’s to King Koil plush mattresses, you’ll find the variety of choice from this range at Dial-a-Bed to be refreshing to say the least. Whether you’re searching for mattresses online or browsing in store, you’ll be able to find a mattress or bed in your price range in sizes single, three quarter, double, queen or king size too. All King Koil bed sets and mattresses come in a standard length of 188cm but can also be ordered in extra length too.

For more on the king Koil range, call us now on 086 100 7542.

No matter which province you live in, you’ll find a Dial-a-Bed near you today. Locate your nearest store now.

Where to buy King Koil mattresses?

Looking for a mattress retailer that you can trust? Shop securely at Dial-a-Bed online today and you’ll find a wide range of mattresses from leading international and local brands like King Koil to choose from. Order online and you’ll get your purchase delivered to your door the same day, as long as you live within 30km of Dial-a-Bed store.

65 Dial-a-Bed stores nationwide

If you’d like to rather shop in person for mattress of choice, we’ve got 65 outlets to choose from. Find a Dial-a-Bed store near you, no matter where you live in SA. You’ll be able to try the King Koil mattress types you like in our unique Comfort Test Areas in store too. If you buy your mattress in store before midday, we’ll even deliver your buy the same afternoon. Ensuring your journey to a better healthier night’s sleep starts can start as soon as possible.

We’re also offering you 100 nights in us. If you don’t wake up feeling completely refreshed after 100 nights on your new King Koil bed, we’ll exchange your mattress for another model for free.

Dial-a-Bed; Sleep for Life.


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