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10 Items

Forty Winks For Sale

For the best value for money in sleep, choose Forty Winks beds and mattresses exclusive to Dial-a-Bed today. Forty Winks beds are designed with three Pro-Active Capsule Pocket springs which have been created to reduce partner disturbance and offer head to toe spine support. Imagine a night without feeling your partner turn over every time!

Forty Winks beds for sale are exclusive to Dial-a-Bed, where we can attest that they are made with love by Forty Winks. Their medium, firm and plush support beds can carry weight of up to 140kg per person. The brand also offers an ultra-firm sleeping surface for those that love that little bit of extra support. What’s more, this bed design can accommodate more weight per person, allowing for up to 160kgs per person.

If supremely great value and an ultra-plush feeling is what you’re after, choose from their range of ultra-plush memory foam mattresses today. Luxury comfort, cocooned sleep and pricing excellence is what you’ll come to expect from this world-class brand.

Shop the Forty Winks South Africa range from Dial-a-Bed today. We are proud to stock this leading brand along with a multitude of other options both in store and online.

Which Forty Winks is best to buy?

There a quite a few reasons to buy a Forty Winks mattress in South Africa from the number one bedding retailer in the company, Dial-a-Bed. Here are just a few of the excellent features that the affordable Forty Winks range offers:

Designed with comfort

The spring unit design of the entire Forty Winks range boasts the Pro-active Capsule Pocket Coil design in the centre for the maximum in spinal support. They also have reinforced side support bars to prevent the bed softening or rolling on the ends.

High Density Foam Design

From the bottom of the range to the top, their beds all offer a form of foam in their design. The in the medium support bed, you’ll find high-density resilient foam that creates the soft support on the mattress. In the firm and plush ranges, the high-density foam is layered with a sheath of memory foam as well for additional comfort. In the ultra-firm and ultra-plush ranges, extremely high-density resilient foam can be found in the design with a layer of visco-elastic memory foam included for ultimate luxury.

Turn Free Guarantee

All Forty Winks beds guarantees a ‘turn-free’ existence, meaning you never have to turn the mattress once but they merely suggest rotating it every few months.

Stylish look and feel

The fabric that makes up the bed has a high cotton content combined with a charcoal, linen-look, upholstered base. The base is also encased with foam to protect it from bumps and knocks.

Take our 100-night challenge

We’re so sure that you’re going to love your new bed purchase that we’ll allow you to take our 100-night challenge with every bed you buy. If you do not wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed in your new bed after 100 nights, we’ll exchange the bed for another in the price range for free.

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