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  1. Slumber King Zest Firm
    Slumber King Zest Firm
    From R2,299 From R1,799
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  2. Slumber King Status MK11 Firm
    Slumber King Status MK11 Firm
    From R2,799 From R2,239
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  3. Restonic Odyssey
    Restonic Odyssey
    From R3,499 From R2,799
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  4. Slumber King Ashley Firm
    Slumber King Ashley Firm
    From R3,599 From R2,879
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  5. Dunlopillo Excel Firm
    Dunlopillo Excel Firm
    From R4,399 From R3,519
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  6. King Koil Beech MK11
    King Koil Beech MK11
    From R4,549 From R3,639
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  7. Slumber King Kingston Firm
    Slumber King Kingston Firm
    From R4,599 From R3,679
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  8. Sealy Willowbridge Firm
    Sealy Willowbridge Firm
    From R5,049 From R4,039
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  9. Sealy Turnberry Medium
    Sealy Turnberry Medium
    From R5,549 From R4,439
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  10. Dunlopillo Energise Firm
    Dunlopillo Energise Firm
    From R6,099 From R4,879
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  11. Restonic Palmer Medium
    Restonic Palmer Medium
    From R6,099 From R4,879
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  12. King Koil Akita Firm
    King Koil Akita Firm
    From R6,549 From R5,239
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  13. Forty Winks Revive Firm
    Forty Winks Revive Firm
    From R6,599 From R5,279
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  14. King Koil Calla Medium
    King Koil Calla Medium
    From R7,549 From R6,039
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  15. Sealy Strato Plush
    Sealy Strato Plush
    From R7,549 From R6,039
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  16. Dunlopillo Hip Guard MK11
    Dunlopillo Hip Guard MK11
    From R7,599 From R6,079
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  17. Forty Winks SleepSaver Firm
    Forty Winks SleepSaver Firm
    From R9,299 From R6,299
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  18. Forty Winks Vigour Medium
    Forty Winks Vigour Medium
    From R7,899 From R6,319
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  19. Forty Winks Synergy Plush
    Forty Winks Synergy Plush
    From R8,399 From R6,719
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  20. King Koil Shasta Plush
    King Koil Shasta Plush
    From R8,549 From R6,839
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  21. Forty Winks Powersleep Firm
    Forty Winks Powersleep Firm
    From R8,899 From R7,119
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  22. Sealy Skyline Extra Firm
    Sealy Skyline Extra Firm
    From R9,099 From R7,279
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  23. King Koil Arman Plush
    King Koil Arman Plush
    From R10,049 From R8,039
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  24. Sealy Skyline Medium
    Sealy Skyline Medium
    From R10,599 From R8,479
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  25. Dunlopillo Black Ice Vinson Firm
    Dunlopillo Black Ice Vinson Firm
    From R10,599 From R8,479
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  26. Simmons Sova Firm
    Simmons Sova Firm
    From R11,799 From R9,439
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  27. Forty Winks Sleepsmart Plush
    Forty Winks Sleepsmart Plush
    From R12,899 From R10,319
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  28. Simmons Sova Medium
    Simmons Sova Medium
    From R13,799 From R11,039
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  29. Sealy Skyline Ultra Plush
    Sealy Skyline Ultra Plush
    From R14,599 From R11,679
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  30. Simmons Sova Luxury
    Simmons Sova Luxury
    From R14,799 From R11,839
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Items 1-30 of 36


Shop The Best Bed Set Brands 

No matter who you are, what you do or where you come from, having a great night’s sleep is important to us all. At Dial•a•Bed, we make it our mission to offer you’re a huge range of bed sets from the world’s best-selling bed brands. We aim to make sure that whomever you are, you invest in the luxury of a comfortable, peaceful night’s sleep on the best bed set you can afford.

Check out our range of bed sets now, from the best names in the bed business;


A bed brand designed and manufactured in the UK, Dunlopillo is an ethically-aware company that has created the most comfortable beds using 100% pure latex.

Shop the Dunlopillo range.

King Koil

King Koil has been in high quality beds business for over 120 years and their purposeful designs make them a firm favourite with many customers. Thanks to their detail in design and development, they aim to deepen the connection between home and rest with every bed they sell.

Shop the King Koil range.


Restonic have been consistently voted as offering the best sleep experience by customers since 2011. People have reported that this bed brand has helped their sleep improve, significantly in some cases.

Shop the Restonic range.


Sealy beds provide a comfortable sleep experience allowing your body to rest, recover and recharge. They’ve been engineered to support your body and align your spine as you sleep too.

Shop the Sealy range.


Simmons is known as one of the most pioneering mattress company in the world. They’ve placed a lot of emphasis on development into advancements in comfort across their ranges which offer you the ultimate experience in rest.

Shop the Simmons range.


SlumberKing beds, mattresses and base sets are available from Dial•a•Bed today at an affordable price. You can order your purchase in sizes single, ¾. Double, queen, king now as well as your choice of standard length or extra length too.

Shop the SlumberKing range.


Through years of research and development by scientists and engineers, Tempur have perfected a bed range to give you the best night’s sleep ever. Their temperature-sensitive material was originally developed by NASA and only a handful of scientists know the formula to make up this material.

Shop the Tempur range now

Forty Winks

Excellent affordability and maximum comfort are what you can expect from this bed range. You’ll be able to purchase a Forty Winks bed from Dial•a•Bed online and have it delivered to your door. Or shop in store at your local Dial•a•Bed store near you today.

Shop the Forty Winks range.

Where to buy bed sets in South Africa?

For the widest range of bed sets in the widest range of prices, shop at Dial•a•Bed today. Browse our full store offering online and you’ll find all the information you’re looking for on each bed, with its unique features and benefits too.

You can also choose to shop with us in person. Find us in every province in SA, thanks to our over 65 outlets nationwide. Stores offer special Comfort Test Areas, which enable you to test the beds you’re interested in. Visit us now and test a bed or two for yourself. Locate your nearest store now.

Dial•a•Bed; Sleep for Life.

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