What is a Firm Comfort Mattress?

What is a Firm Comfort Mattress?


We all have differing criteria when it comes to choosing a mattress. It could be you seek indulgence and luxuriousness and so a plush mattress might be your pick. Or it could be for the best of both worlds – overall comfort, with support built-in – and so a medium mattress would be your go-to. And then of course, the criteria could be entirely for health and physiological reasons like preventing back pain – and for that, the ideal choice is the firm mattress.


Let’s talk here, around the benefits of firmness, and what the best firm mattress may be for you.


What are the benefits of sleeping on a firm comfort mattress versus a medium or soft one?


When we sleep, our bodies undergo a form of all-round maintenance and healing. It’s part of what optimal rest does for both the body and the mind. But that rejuvenation can’t come unless total relaxation is achieved. The firm mattress does much to get the body to a state of relaxation more efficiently – on a firm mattress, bodyweight is evenly distributed, giving the spine neutral alignment, and so muscles and ligaments have more chance to relax.


But what type of sleeper benefits most from firm mattresses, and what kind of benefits come with this comfort level?


Back or stomach sleepers


A firm mattress will ensure that weight is evenly distributed throughout the body when sleeping. This means that, for the back sleeper, there’s no particular area that will need to bear any specific pressure in the night, like the hips and shoulders do in a side-sleeper, for example. Even distribution of weight also means that the sleeper’s hips won’t sink lower than their head – a position that’s often a large contributor to back pain.


When stomach-sleeping, the curve of the spine naturally increases, putting pressure on the back and neck. A firm mattress lifts the hips into alignment with the rest of the body, neutralising that curve and helping to prevent pain.


In both cases, when the spine is aligned, better sleep is usually inevitable.


Reduces overheating


The softer the mattress, the more it will contour to the body, and ‘give’ to bodyweight. This give means that the sleeper effectively sinks into the mattress, cutting off any breathability and ventilation between the body and the bed, and causing overheating and sweating in the night. A firm mattress means less give and contouring, and with more airflow because of less ‘sinking’, the body can regulate.


Improves circulation


Additionally, because of how softer mattresses cradle and contour to the body, this can hinder the sleeper’s natural movement in the night. With less movement, circulation slows in the muscles and joints, and this can cause aches and pains. A firm mattress, because of its even distribution of support, frees up movement, and so allows for good circulation at all times, and so better temperature regulation.


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