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Simmons Simmons

12 Items

  1. Simmons Sova Firm
    Simmons Sova Firm
    From R11,999.00 From R10,499.00
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  2. Simmons Sova Medium
    Simmons Sova Medium
    From R16,499.00 From R14,499.00
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  3. Simmons Winchester Firm
    Simmons Winchester Firm
    From R20,499.00 From R18,499.00
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  4. Simmons Sensory Luxury Plush
    Simmons Sensory Luxury Plush
    From R20,499.00 From R18,499.00
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  5. Simmons Winchester Medium
    Simmons Winchester Medium
    From R22,499.00 From R20,499.00
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  6. Simmons Sherbourne Luxury
    Simmons Sherbourne Luxury
    From R37,599.00 From R30,599.00
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  7. Simmons Healthsmart Plush
    Simmons Healthsmart Plush
    From R39,599.00 From R32,599.00
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  8. Simmons Elite Firm
    Simmons Elite Firm
    From R60,999.00 From R49,999.00
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  9. Simmons Elite Plush
    Simmons Elite Plush
    From R65,999.00 From R54,999.00
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  10. Simmons Elite Luxury
    Simmons Elite Luxury
    From R70,999.00 From R59,999.00
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  11. Simmons Watford Firm Smart Motion King Bed Set Extra Length
    SAVE 10000
  12. Simmons Watford Plush Smart Motion King Bed Set Extra Length
    SAVE 10000

12 Items


Simmons Beds For Sale

They don’t do sleep until you do. For over 140 years, the Simmons Bedding Company has not stopped innovating to help the world sleep better every night. Their innovative range has revolutionized sleep technology, ensuring their customers get the sleep they deserve.

Simmons and Simmons South Africa set themselves apart as the most pioneering mattress company in the world, leading industry advancements in comfort and support since 1870 - you’re guaranteed the best mattress for your lifestyle.

Simmons has sold nearly 100 million beds worldwide and boast that 18 out of the 20 Top Hotel brands use Simmons as their bed of choice for their guests. Now those are statistics you can’t argue with.

At Dial•a•Bed we proudly stock this innovative bed brand both online or in store. Choose to visit us at one of our stores nationwide or shop online securely with us today.

Which Simmons bed should I buy?

We stock a range of Simmons bedsets in South Africa that all offer lasting reliability, enduring comfort and the most luxurious feel available on the market. If you can imagine sleeping in ultimate heaven, that’s what sleeping on a Simmons Mattress feels like.

Simmons offer a variety of bed collections to choose from and we are proud to stock this reputable and exclusive bed brand. Take a look at their collections available from us now.

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