The Blissful Sleep of the Pocket Spring Mattress

The Blissful Sleep of the Pocket Spring Mattress.


What is a pocket spring mattress?


There are essentially two types of sprung mattresses – an open spring and a pocket spring. An open spring mattress is an intertwined construction across the entire sleeping surface. A pocket spring mattress, however, is designed with individually contained springs across the sleeping surface.


What is the benefit of a pocket spring mattress?


Each pocket spring works independently of the rest of the mattress springs. The design result is that movement on one side of the bed does not transfer across the whole bed. When you or your partner move or turn over during the night, the disturbance to comfort and support is minimalized. If you want uninterrupted sleep throughout the night, a pocket spring mattress is the way to go.


Which pocket spring mattress is best?


You’ve come to the right place. Let’s take you through the most sought-after Dial•a•Bed brands:


  1. The iconic Sealy mattress

The renowned quality of a Sealy mattress has truly earned its place as a household name in South Africa. The pocket spring Sealy mattress is even more impressive. Designed to conform to every body shape, as well as minimize motion transfer, Dial•a•Bed offers an exclusive range of Sealy mattresses across all comfort and support levels. Try out the exclusive Sealy Skyline and Ultra ranges.


  1. The legendary Simmons Beautyrest

The Simmons pocket coil range is superbly engineered with unique features that make it one of the most desirable dream machines. Drift off on a heavenly Simmons HealthSmart mattress. Melt into the Simmons Elite plush mattress, pamper yourself with an Elite luxury, or feel the levitation factor of the Elite firm. Comfort and support preferences are spoilt for choice across the Simmons Sova and Winchester ranges. And you simply have to experience the ultimate feel of a Simmons Beautyrest Black. World-renowned, Simmons Beautyrest is exactly what it says – the beauty of deep sleep with the perfect night’s rest.


  1. Forty Winks

Forty Winks is manufactured in South Africa, specifically for South African sleepers. Whatever your age, body type or sleep preference, the Forty Winks SleepWaveTM technology has all you really need in a quality, premium-design bed. And because it’s made locally, there’s an extra little wink in value-for-money, too.


  1. King Koil

Yet another Dial•a•Bed exclusive offers the complete range of sleep options from the firm Akita mattress to a medium Calla, or the plush Arman. King Koil is robustly constructed with a more budget-conscious sleeper in mind; without compromising on quality of sleep.


Get real value with a pocket spring mattress from Dial•a•Bed


Of course, there are way more options to choose from at Dial•a•Bed. But you shouldn’t be overwhelmed. Go to where you will find search options, as well as a ready and friendly online sleep expert, to guide you to your preferred pocket spring mattress. Then visit your nearest Dial•a•Bed showroom and do a sleep test.


Best of all, be an even smarter sleeper. Be sure to check out Dial•a•Bed’s latest promotion and SAVE on top quality pocket spring mattresses. Sleep on pocket spring technology by night and put a little more spring in your step by day. #SleepForLife.