What is a Medium Comfort Mattress?

What is a Medium Comfort Mattress?


When it comes to the bond between sleep and the body, and what ample rest means for our overall health and well-being, the science goes deep. Simply, the overarching fact is that sleep is vital for us, for a range of reasons, spanning from the physiological to the mental.


But the thing is, we’re human beings – individually unique in body, mind and personality. So, although the science of the importance of sleep applies to us all, the way we achieve the sleep we need is as unique as the individual.


And one of the most common of these differences is in the type of mattress we choose.


What are the different comfort levels of mattresses?


There are a number of variations when it comes to the different comfort levels of mattresses, and much of it overlaps, with combinations to boot, for a customised sleep.

Fundamentally, though, it boils down to soft, medium, and hard, and each of these levels benefit particular sleeping types, and positions.

Let’s talk here around medium firm mattresses, and why this choice could be the one that gets you to cloud nine quicker.


What is medium comfort and why should you consider it for your mattress purchase?


Medium firm mattresses are considered the happy middle ground where comfort level is concerned. There’s still a level of the plushness you get from the softer mattresses, but it’s all supported by a firmer spring base. So, medium firm mattresses are the middle ground in comfort and are usually the go-to for the majority of discerning sleep-seekers.


How do you know if a medium comfort mattress is right for you?


Like we said, everyone has their own sleep-style – stomach-sleeper, side-sleeper, back-sleeper – it’s all dependent on factors like habit, body type and simple preference.

Medium firm mattresses, because of their combined design, prove to be a great choice for every kind of sleeper:




This one is often considered the least beneficial position for restful sleep. It’s all about spine alignment – when sleeping on the stomach, the curve of the spine inevitably increases. Firm and soft mattresses often don’t provide the optimum support for the stomach-sleeper, and back ache and neck pain is usually a constant. Medium mattresses, however, provide the correct level of firmness for the stomach-sleeper, with just the right support to effectively keep the spine aligned.




Side-sleepers need good support at the shoulder and hip points. If a bed is too soft, those pressure points won’t be given the right base to align, causing either hip or shoulder to sink lower than the other, and de-align the spine. Back pain and neck pain is the inevitable symptom.


Medium firm mattresses provide the luxuriousness of a soft mattress, but have a solid base-feel too, for better support for the pressure points at the hip and shoulder.




For the back-sleeper, a softer mattress often doesn’t provide enough support for the lower back. This means that the lower back, by force of gravity, can sink into the mattress, giving the sleep position an uneven feel, and again, de-aligning the spine. The result is the same: back and neck pain.


Medium firm mattresses, with their not-to-soft, and not-to-firm design, provide perfect support for the lower back, distributing bodyweight and ensuring no part of the body is resting unevenly.


What are the benefits of sleeping on a medium comfort mattress versus a firm or soft one?


Medium firm mattresses are just more versatile in terms of the kind of support they provide, for a wide variety of sleeper types. The most important benefits include:


  • Pain relief – medium cushioning and contouring give great support to any sleeper, to ensure spine alignment
  • A better option for most – this means that medium firm mattresses are the perfect choice for couples, providing the best support all round, even when there are two sleeper styles in one bed


Where can you find a reputable, reliable retailer who carries only medium comfort mattresses in their inventory


Well, look no further than Dial-a-Bed.

In our range of medium firm mattresses, you’ll find options with all the features of pioneering sleep-tech and innovation. Here are just a few:


Sealy Turnberry


The Sealy Turnberry medium contains a gel foam layer for extreme comfort, reinforced with a high-density foam layer for support, and Posturepedic tech to ensure consistent spine care when sleeping.

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Forty Winks Sleepfit Medium


The Forty Winks Sleepfit medium gives you superior core support and comfort. It boasts a luxurious surface, with a unique pocket spring system that isolates partner motion for rest that’s guaranteed every night.

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Simmons Winchester Medium


The Simmons Winchester medium is an advanced technology mattress. It features pocket spring technology for zero motion transfer and uninterrupted sleep, AirCool Comfort Foam to keep you temperate in the night, and double-sided cushioning for comfort, luxury and durability on both sides of the mattress.


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For a range of the most comfortable mattresses, to suit your unique sleep-style, in the brands you know will give you your best night’s sleep, shop online now with Dial-a-Bed.