What is Memory Foam?

What is Memory Foam?

Viscoelastic foam, commonly called memory foam, is used with other specially designed materials to create the perfect levels of comfort and support in a mattress. It can also be used as a wholly comprised material to design an almost gravity-defying sleep experience.

What Are the Benefits of Memory Foam?

  1. Memory foam adds significantly to the moulded support and comfort of your body. It gently holds the contours of your sleeping position.
  2. Memory foam can provide pressure relief from niggling aches and pains.
  3. It absorbs movement rather than transmitting ripples across a bed. So, it is perfect for larger beds shared by couples.
  4. Sensitive to allergies? The high-density polyurethane in memory foam resists dust and mites.
  5. Memory foam adds to the longevity of a mattress. The higher its compressed quality, the more durable it is, holding its shape and form.

Are There Different Types of Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a space-age invention. NASA first developed it for the support and comfort of astronauts rocketing into space at considerable G-force. Maybe that’s why it feels gravity-defying. Over the years there have been significant technical developments and applications. There are three main types of memory foam.

  1. The most likely known, or traditional, memory foam is highly compressed polyurethane that accommodates pressure and then simply bounces back into shape.
  2. Open cell memory foam is less dense and allows better movement of air inside the mattress.
  3. A gel memory foam is a next generation adaptation. It’s a phase-changing material, reacting to your body temperature.

Is a Memory Foam Mattress Best?

This all depends on you and your partner’s preferences for comfort and support. Let’s consider some other effects of memory foam.

  1. While a solid memory foam mattress can last a long time, be sure that you’re getting the right quality of compressed polyurethane. The heavier your body weight, the higher resistance and quality you want in your memory foam mattress.
  2. Solid memory foam mattresses tend to be a lot heavier than hybrid-design mattresses.
  3. Though our body temperature tends to cool down when we sleep, solid memory foam is insulated in a way that first retains but then builds up heat again. This may become uncomfortable, especially in the mid-summer months. Open Cell and Gel foams allow heat to dissipate better.
  4. Fluids and moisture are easily absorbed into the foam, affecting the lifespan of the mattress. However, you can counter that by getting a waterproof mattress protector.

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