What Are The Best Mattress Brands?

What Are The Best Mattress Brands?

There are dozens of mattress and bed brands to choose from. Almost anywhere you look, there's a bed or mattress on sale. The question is, are they any good? Knowing which is the best brand can be difficult when there are so many to choose from.

Investing in a new mattress or bed is not something you should take lightly. Not only is it an expense but it is also an investment in a good night’s sleep. It's a good thing we've done the testing for you so you don't have to guess what is the best mattress brand.

In this blog, we’ll take you through what makes a mattress or bedding brand great and tell you what we think the list of the best mattress brands in South Africa are.

What Makes a Mattress Brand The Best?

When it comes to beds in particular, there are a few basic features that are must-haves in order to make them great brands.


A great bedding brand offers beds and mattresses that are well-made and, most importantly, comfortable. Comfort, after all, is what most customers seek for in a bed. A bed's comfort and pleasure are key factors for customers, followed closely by its support and cushioning.


When buying a bed, customers often make a buying decision that they hope will last them for many years to come. A reliable bed brand will offer beds with an excellent warrantee as well as a long-lasting guarantee for many years of service too.


Beds are a very personal choice for every customer, and every person has a different opinion when it comes to comfort and firmness. A great bedding brand offers a range of types of firmness and comfort levels of their beds to meet the needs and likes of every type of customer too.


Price is another area where mattress brands can move from good to great. A great brand will know who their target market is and design beds according to that market and according to what that market can afford. A variable price range is important too because it can accommodate a range of customers' budgets.


What Are the Best Mattress Brands in South Africa?

Our experts at Dial-a-Bed have done all the research, homework, and testing for you, and we've selected the best mattress brands that meet all these criteria and more. Our stores throughout South Africa, as well as our entire online catalogue, stock only eight brands of beds and mattresses. These brands have been carefully selected because we consider them to be among the best mattress brands in the world; each offering customers a range of benefits.

Here is a list of the Dial•a•Bed brands that we consider to be the best to choose from when it comes to beds in South Africa:

Sealy is a proudly South African brand committed to improving customers' sleep health with high quality mattresses that can help your body to relax and recover with every night of sleep.

Simmons has been an industry leader in offering luxury beds that are known for their premium quality, cutting-edge technology, and long-lasting durability.

Forty Winks is a Dial•a•Bed family brand, designed by South Africans – for South Africans. Forty Winks has achieved a new benchmark in premium quality and value-for-money.

With over 90 years of being in the bedding business and showing continuous innovation in sleep technology, Dunlopillo is known around the world as one of the best bedding brands.

King Koil is a proudly South African brand that focuses on providing customers with high quality beds that offer incredible comfort and purposeful design.

SlumberKing is a proudly South African brand that strives to offer customers with quality mattresses and a great night's sleep at an affordable price.

Cloud Nine is proudly manufactured in SA, boasting a luxurious range of high-quality mattresses and bed sets, with something to suit everyone's needs.

Restonic is a family business, with over 35 years’ experience in the mattress manufacturing industry. Restonic aims to provide comfort and a good night's sleep in every home.

Why Should You Choose The Best Mattress Brand For Yourself?

Choosing the best name brand mattress is a multi-factorial process which requires you to make your own personal decision based on a few factors:

  • Which bedding retailer have you used before and was it a good experience?
  • What advice are experts like Dial•a•Bed giving you?
  • What is your personal opinion about firmness, comfort and price? 

Taking all of this into consideration, including advice from the experts at Dial•a•Bed, choosing the right bedding retailer for you should be a breeze.

For a range of the most comfortable mattresses, each designed with the latest in sleep technology, and engineered to suit your unique sleep style, shop online now with Dial•a•Bed.

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