Simmons. Exceptionally Engineered Sleep.

Simmons. Exceptionally Engineered Sleep.

The Simmons Bedding Company was founded back in 1870. That’s over 150 years of manufacturing experience. Over many decades, Simmons has developed the most sought-after beds. Modern lifestyles, too, have changed. The importance of a very good night’s rest has become a crucial part of a healthy, productive lifestyle. That’s why, today, only Simmons offers you their signature Beautyrest design and technology.

The Ultimate Simmons Beautyrest.

Simmons is an internationally established brand. It is their endless research and development that makes them a foremost leader in sleep technology. The involved choice of materials, bespoke design and engineering in one of their mattresses may feel overwhelming. It needn’t be. Let’s unpack some of the features that make these some of the most desirable beds to sleep on.

Exclusive Simmons Range From Dial•a•Bed.

The Simmons Elite Collection offers the comfort and support options of a Luxury Pamper Pillow Top, a Plush, and a Firm mattress. All are manufactured using Beautyrest Recharge technology. Smart-responsive, pocketed coils conform to your body posture. The motion of a partner during the night does not transfer across the mattress, allowing a peaceful, undisturbed sleep for both. A combination of specially developed foams, along with natural, breathable fibres, is what sets the Simmons mattress apart.

The luxurious, stretch-knit, quilted fabric of the mattress surface feels soft, even delicate. In fact, it is a resilient fabric that will provide many years of wear. Just beneath this is a compact layer of camel hair. This helps regulate your body temperature. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Body moisture is also accommodated and dispersed. Right under that is a layer of wool fibre that further regulates your body temperature, dissipating excessive body heat away from the sleep surface. This is underpinned by a robust layer of foam, which in turn is supported by smart-response, pocketed coils. All this is snugly encased in what Simmons has developed as their unique AirCoolâ BeautyEdgeTM Foam.

Simmons Elite

For your comfort and support preference, the Simmons Elite Firm mattress has high-density Beauty Foam, imparting exceptional surface contouring and conformability. The Elite Plush combines a layer of pure foam as well as High Resilience Foam. This accommodates and gently holds your body shape, bouncing back as soon as you get out of bed. The Simmons Elite Luxury Pamper Pillow Top provides exceptional pressure relief and comfort with visco elastic memory foam.

Simmons Healthsmart

The Simmons Healthsmart bed is a sleep experience like no other. It has all the technologically advanced hallmarks of Simmons plush comfort and support. The difference in a Healthsmart mattress is the visco elastic pamper top, with GEL infused cooling technology. It offers a truly exceptional night’s rest. Zero motion transfer means no interrupted sleep.

The Healthsmart has you gently cradled, but with excellent support. If you tend to be a side or stomach sleeper, this is the mattress for you. Elderly sleepers, or those of lighter frames, will find that the multiple cushion layers are simply a delight to stretch out on.

Simmons Sherborne

The Simmons Sherbourne offers a medium comfort and support level. The Pillow Top cushioning layer has additional micro-coils, specially designed for the sleeper who requires more effective pressure relief, but still with just the right level of support. This is the ideal bed for side and back sleepers.

The engineered enhancements include Comfort Beauty Foamâ, which combines comfort and surface contouring with breathability and support across the entire mattress. A layer of Latex Comfort Foam, combined with unique micro-coil pockets, is particularly effective at isolating partner motion, providing additional pressure relief, as well as reinforcing support and durability. It is also dust and mite resistant, making it a hypoallergenic, hygienic sleep surface.

Simmons Winchester

The Simmons Winchester Collection brings more supportive technology to a choice of Medium and Firm comfort. With all the trademarks of Simmons quality design, the construction of the Winchester Collection typically accommodates the multi-style sleeper, whether you tend to lie on your back, side, or face down. The Winchester Medium is popular with couples who have differing sleep styles. The Winchester Firm, with a thicker wire gauge, amply supports a heavier set body shape.

Added features include lurex knit mattress quilting. The latest in European design, this extends the durability of the mattress, while still retaining a flexible and versatile level of comfort. The mattress casing has a double border with butterfly edge support. This improves overall stability across the mattress with the sides further reinforced. All Winchester mattresses are double sided, which means they can be routinely flipped to maintain robust support even longer.

Simmons Sova

The Simmons Sova Collection offers medium to firm comfort and support. True to exacting standards, every Sova mattress is designed for optimal contouring support, cushioning comfort and temperature management.

Comfort and support accommodate most sleep styles. Try out what works best for you in the varying composite layers of the Sova Firm and Medium. Over the years, the Sova has proven to be a popular all-rounder where couples will most likely find their happy place together.

Get Simmons Excellence With Dial•a•Bed Expertise.

It’s the perfect partnership. Dial•a•Bed works closely with Simmons to ensure that the exclusive Simmons Collections offer precisely the range of sleep styles and preferences that South Africans need. When you consider the quality of life that an exceptionally designed and crafted bed contributes to, you would rarely want to compromise, or settle for anything less than the perfect night’s rest.

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