Get Your Best Sleep with Affordable, Quality Beds and Mattresses

Get Your Best Sleep With Affordable, Quality Beds and Mattresses

What is a Good Quality Bed and Mattress?

You’re getting a full night’s sleep, but you’re waking up slightly cranky. You might have niggling aches and pains. Or perhaps you still feel tired and listless. It’s probably not going to be a great day.

When last did you do a proper check on the quality of your mattress and bed? If it was more than 8 years ago, read on. Here’s what to check for:

  • Your bed base should be a solid support for your mattress. Typically, the slats should be no more than 7 cm apart, from top to bottom. The gaps between the slats allow your mattress to ‘breathe’. The slats themselves provide the ‘backbone’ to your mattress, ensuring that the design features of your preferred mattress comfort and support are still affording you the quality of sleep you need.
  • Even the best quality beds and mattresses have a lifespan. Over the years, without you knowing it, your sleeping posture becomes used to the gradual deterioration of your mattress. It may feel comfortable, but you are likely no longer getting the benefits of the original mattress's tension and support layers.
  • A quick, simple sleep test across a range of mattresses with different levels of comfort and support will tell you what you’re missing. You’ll know instantly. With a good quality mattress, there’s always that floating feeling of being gently, yet firmly supported.

Which Beds and Mattresses Are Best?

There are so many quality beds and mattresses to choose from. Ideally, you want to afford the very best. Everyone has their specific comfort and support preferences. Of course, affordability is also a consideration. But can you really afford to skimp on your health and happiness? A night of deep, restorative sleep is vital to the success of every next day. Let’s discuss the different options and what may work best for you:

  • First, compare the support and comfort levels in your mattress. Broadly, you have Firm, Medium and Plush to choose from. You and your partner would need to test mattresses together and agree on your preferred option.
  • Then, try out your support and comfort preferences across a range of quality mattresses. A nationwide store like Dial•a•Bed offers a full complement of South Africa’s best bed brands. There are top quality options to suit your pocket, too.
  • The most sought-after bed brands include Sealy and Simmons. Dial•a•Bed offers exclusive ranges, from the more affordable to the most desirable. There’s also Dial•a•Bed’s exclusively manufactured Forty Winks range, specially researched and developed for South African sleep preferences

Think Quality of Sleep

Sleep Science specialist, Dr Dale Rae, advises you to seek out your preferred level of comfort and support first. Then factor in affordability. “We can’t really put a price on the quality of our sleep. But we can certainly value it. Most people cannot afford the top end beds and mattresses. Rather, ensure that you’re happy with the important basics in a good quality mattress and bed. Then consider your most affordable option.”

Quality Bed and Mattress Shopping

Finding the perfect bed and mattress to suit both your back and your pocket can be daunting. Dial•a•Bed has your back comfortably within reach of your pocket. As South Africa’s biggest bed brand store, you’ll find the widest range of options under one roof. Do a little window shopping first at Then come in to your nearest Dial•a•Bed store and try out the quality beds and mattresses that will afford you the best value-for-money. Just remember, you’re not just purchasing the best you can afford. You’re investing in your quality of sleep and life. #SleepForLife.