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Tempur Mattress Protector

The Tempur Mattress Protector keeps your mattress clean, dry and fresh. Used as an extra layer underneath your favourite bed linen, this mattress protector is ultra-thin, breathable, water resistant and dust mite resistant.

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Tempur Mattress Protector For Sale

If you’ve invested in a quality mattress and want to protect it, then a mattress protector isn’t a “nice to have”, but rather a “must-have”. The Tempur Mattress Protector fits onto your bed like a fitted sheet and protects it against accidental spills, certain allergens, and bacteria. 

A Tempur Mattress Protector also keeps your mattress clean and prevents moisture or anything seeping into it. Once a spill gets onto a mattress it’s difficult to get out, but with a sheet and Tempur Mattress Protector, it’s a breeze. Too much moisture in a mattress will eventually cause the foam to wear down, thus shortening its life span, and necessitating a new mattress. A mattress protector will, therefore, keep it feeling like new for longer.

A Tempur Mattress Protector is often recommended for those allergic to dust mites. Since dust mites eat dead skin cells, the Tempur Mattress Protector is a barrier between you and your mattress, which keeps them at bay, and prevents dust mite allergies from acting up.

At Dial a Bed, you can get various types of mattress protectors such as quilted, fitted, and cotton mattress protectors. 

For Dial a Bed customers who want the option of swapping their bed if they’re not happy with it before 100 days, then a mattress protector is essential. The 100 Night Comfort Exchange gives buyers peace of mind and risk-free shopping, but it’s only valid if you buy a mattress protector. In order for Dial a Bed to process any comfort exchanges, we require the mattress to be in 100% perfect condition, which means no spills or stains anywhere.

Where can I buy a mattress Tempur Mattress Protector?

You can buy a Tempur Mattress Protector from Dial a Bed (online or instore), and if you need any advice, there’s a sleep expert to help.

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