Transform Your Room With Pedestals & Bedside Tables

Transform Your Room With Pedestals & Bedside Tables.

Inspired by a change of season, or simply looking to add style and personality? Updating your bedroom is a great way to go. Refreshing the look with a few furniture pieces will enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

While you might have everything you need to ensure the utmost serenity in your room, for a satisfying night’s sleep, furniture pieces like bedroom pedestals, are a great way to add style and convenience to your room. Want to know how you can give your room a fresh look with bedroom furniture? Here are some pointers on how and why you should use bedside tables to transform your room, and where to find them, for a bedroom revamp you’ll love.

The Difference That Bedroom Bedside Tables Can Make.

As far as home spaces go, bedrooms are quite unique as almost every element (be it the curtains, bed, or a kist at the foot of your bed) has a function but also looks nice. Furniture pieces like bedside tables and pedestal bedroom sets are yet another way to add elements of style and functionality to a room. Here are the main ways bedroom pedestals can help transform your room with a fresh look:

  • Cost-effective touch of style – with the various designs that bedside tables come in, rather than renovating your whole room, pedestals are an excellent alternative to buying numerous furniture pieces to update the look of your room. Bedside pedestals add to and complement the decor and design of your bedroom while reflecting your style, all without breaking the bank.
  • They’re practical – bedroom pedestals are practical and convenient additions to your space. While they add to the decor of a room, pedestals also make it easy for you to access items like your journal, bedside lamp or a book you like to tuck into before bed, from the comfort of your bed - for the ultimate convenience.
  • Extra storage space – a quality bedside pedestal is an excellent and convenient decor item. Bedside tables create additional storage space in your room with the different drawers and cupboards in different designs offered. So, bedroom pedestals are an excellent addition to more storage space, especially if you have a smaller bedroom. So, when shopping for bedside pedestals, keep an eye out for designs that offer you the storage you need in a style you love.

With these incredibly beneficial benefits, bedside tables enable you to enjoy your bedroom, both practically and stylistically. This helps to create an environment you can look forward to returning to, beyond your bed.

Transform Your Bedroom.

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out the best way to update your room's look and feel. With a bedside table, you have the ideal option to add some furniture that will revamp the whole look of your room. So, when shopping for the best pedestal for your room, here are some factors to consider:

  • What are your bedside storage needs?
  • Does the pedestal price fit within your budget?
  • Is the pedestal the right size for your bedroom?
  • Does the bedside table complement your room design and decor?

With these pointers, you have everything you need to choose the perfect pedestal for your bedroom. If you need some design inspiration to elevate your room to sanctuary status, here are a few bedside table design ideas.

  • Traditional: If a more rustic, traditional look is your style, go for pedestal bedroom sets in neutral shades and earthy tones to give your bedroom a classic flare.
  • Modern: If a contemporary look is what you’re after, opt for bedside tables with sleek, polished finishes and darker, bolder colour tones. This will add a modern touch to your bedroom decor.

Whatever your style preference or functional need, when you’re shopping for the best bedside pedestals around, from the biggest bedding brands, at affordable prices, look no further than Dial-a-Bed. We have a wide range of quality bedside tables to help you transform your bedroom into your personal paradise, with everything you need for the best night’s sleep. Shop at any of our 76 stores nationwide or online 24/7 at


1. What do you put on a bedside pedestal?

Whatever small items you’d like to have access to in your bedroom and while you’re in bed are perfect to put on your bedside pedestal.

2. How do you decorate pedestals and bedside tables?

To decorate your bedside pedestal, you can add personal touches like a photo frame, some flowers in a vase or your favourite scented candles.

3. What can I use instead of a bedside table?

Some suitable alternatives to a bedside table are a desk, if your room has enough space, or a floating shelf.

4. How can I make my bedside table look nice?

You can decorate your bedside table with items like flowers, photos, or a mini sculpture.

5. What is a pedestal table used for?

Pedestal tables serve as a convenient place to store items right by your bedside.