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Z's Sleep for Life

Z Sleep for Live

Meet Z, our resident sleep connoisseur and Sleep for Life advocate. Z is here to bestow his sleep tips & tricks and the rewards of a good night’s sleep upon the tired, restless and all round bad bed havers so you may accomplish a good morning, a good afternoon, a good night and a great life. Keep a look out for Z on the Dial-a-Bed social pages for more insightful information on sleep and our Sleep for Life ethos.

Sleep for Life Hashtag

Sleep for Life Knock Knock Joke

Sleep for Life Say No to Counting Sheep

Sleep for Life Bedtime Trailer

Sleep well, live well, with Dial-a-Bed

Together with our Dial-a-Bed sleep connoisseur Z, we urge you to shut down and head to bed. Sleep well, live well, with Dial-a-Bed. 

Z’s Knock Knock Joke

Getting no sleep is a joke, so take Z’s advice and go night night. 

Z Says “No” To Counting Sheep

You will never need to count sheep if you have the right mattress. Sleep well, live well, with Dial-a-Bed. 

Z’s Bedtime Trailer

Forget the trailers and try sleeping instead. Z knows the best trailers come alive in your dreams. 

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