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What is Pillow Top?

What is Pillow Top?

by Dial a Bed

Posted on February 19, 2020 at 12:00 PM

As the name implies, a pillow top is an added layer of padding on the top of the bed. Memory foam, latex foam, feathers, cotton, gel, or other materials can be used to make pillow tops. This padding can be a bonus in alleviating hip and shoulder strain.. 

2. When are they best used?

For side and back sleepers, who often want an extra comfortable feeling, a pillow top mattress is often recommended. Pillow top is for anyone who needs a better feeling in combination with strong support of their mattress and a more secure feel.

As pillow tops can come with virtually any type of mattress – foam, latex or innerspring, it is considered to be a feature rather than a mattress type. 

3. When was it first introduced? 

In the 2000s, the popular descriptives for contemporary bedding are choice and comfort. As a trend in luxury, pillow-top mattresses are known to provide an additional layer of comfortable cushioning for single-sided mattresses.

4. How to use it?

Due to the nature of pillow-top mattresses and the extra cushioning it provides, it is important to take special care of your mattress. Using a waterproof mattress protector is often the easiest way to care for your mattress.

Since many pillow-top mattresses are one-sided, you won’t be able to flip your mattress regularly. Instead, keep your mattress clean as possible through frequent vacuuming. You can also clean out stains using baking soda or lemon juice. 


6. Lifespan?

Experts suggest that you should change your mattress after about seven to ten years at best. Beds such as the pillow top mattress could deteriorate quickly if they are not well-cared for.

Since a pillow-top mattress has an added soft layer of padding attached to the mattress surface, it needs more specialized care and attention. Ensure that the cushy top is always covered and that it is always dry.

The pillow-top mattresses may last between four and seven years, depending on the size and weight of an individual, the number of individuals using the bed, and the maintenance and care measures you put in place

7. Pros and Cons


Balance of comfort and value

Usually, viscoelastic mattresses are more costly than regular polyurethane foam or innerspring mattresses. Pillow tops are a balance between luxury and economy. With that, it improves the reactivity of your bed without adding much cost as buying a full memory foam unit.

Offers Comfort

Comfort is an entirely subjective factor. Though generally, the most relaxing and healthy bed is one that lets you rest with correct alignment in your spine and less tension on your pressure points.

Adds Durability to your Base Mattress

Pillow tops usually prolongs the life of your mattress base. If used as a topper, you can easily replace it when the product begins to fall apart. However, if it is built within your mattress, extra care is needed to prolong the life of the mattress


Too Much Padding

If you are partial towards firm or medium-firm mattresses, a pillow-top can make you feel like you are sinking in it. They can miss the support that less-quilted types of mattresses provide. While softness and comfort are enjoyed by many, they lack sturdiness of a more solid foundation

Permanent Molding

The quilted padding sculpts to the shape of the body and sleeping position of the sleeper as time goes by, which can form permanent indentations. As a consequence, in those places, the person receives less support and more lumpiness.  

Heat Retention

According to the Sleep Like the Dead website, some customers claim that pillow-top mattresses lead to heat retention due to the additional layer of padding and extensive quilting.

While heat retention may be advantageous on hot, chilly nights or winter nights, it can become a bummer during summer. 

What is Pillow Top?

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