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What is Innerspring?

What is Innerspring?

by Dial a Bed

Posted on February 19, 2020 at 12:00 PM

By far, the most well-known type of mattress is the innerspring mattress. It is what people have used for years and fit into what we consider ‘traditional’ mattresses. 

This type of mattress consists of a steel coil support system and supportive comfort surface to provide proper alignment of the spinal cord while you’re sleeping soundly at night. The shapes, styles, coil gauge, and the number of coils may differ depending on the manufacturer of the mattress.

If you’re on a budget, you can buy one of these mattresses at a good quality and lower cost than other modern beds in the market.

2. When are they best used?

Although innerspring mattresses are not suitable for relieving pressure points, some people prefer to sleep on them. Medium-firm innerspring beds can ease mild back pain and provide sufficient back and stomach support for individuals who weigh more than 100 kilograms.

The latest innerspring mattress models usually have comfort layers to support and release the pain points. If you’re one of those who love sleeping on their side, you’ll definitely love these innerspring models.

3. When was it first introduced? 

In 1860, the first steel coil spring was patented for chair seats. Not until the 1870s that the German-born Heinrich Westphal used the coil and developed the very first innerspring mattress.

As the sales in both the U.S. and Canada spiked, it led to further advancement in this innovation and pocketed coils were introduced. From then on, innovative companies have tirelessly worked towards giving their customers the best sleeping experiences

5. How to use it? 

While innerspring mattresses have been the traditional choice, with all the new innovations in the mattress industry, it may not be the best choice. Even with regular flipping, the coils generally last about 4-5 years, turning your mattress into a lumpy mess.

Generally, a good option is to consider purchasing a memory foam mattress topper to help provide a more comfortable sleeping option. 

7. Lifespan

The standard innerspring mattress usually lasts around five years, which is 2-3 years shorter than other forms of the bed.

The coil gauge will affect an innerspring bed’s durability. Low-gauge wire and tempered steel coils last longer than non-tempered steel high-gauge wire and coils. Pocketed coil support coils give the best contour, but they may not last as long as Bonnell and offset coils.

8. Pros and Cons


1) Widely available 

An innerspring mattress is the most popular mattress type. Most people have it in their houses because it is widely available in the market.

2) Most affordable

Because of the large demand, innerspring mattress models’ global popularity ensures that they are valued at a budget range.

For general, innerspring mattresses of high-quality still cost less than memory foam or latex beds of high quality.

3) Durable

Innerspring assembly systems are generally considered durable and are capable of holding over time. However, their durability is not at par with the other types of mattresses

4) Cool sleeping surface

Premium innerspring mattresses offer the best combination of support, padding, and distribution of weight across a mattress’s entire surface area. Thanks to airflow and heat distribution, you can sleep comfortably in an innerspring mattress.


1) Shorter lifespan

In time, innerspring mattresses tend to shrink. The coils seem to give way and the mattress tends to become lumpy.

2) Limited contour ability and pressure point relief

Metal coils are the heart and base of an innerspring mattress. A thick layer of cloth or other materials is what protects you from it. But as the wear-and-tear of age continues, it’s common for the metal springs to reach through and cause body pain.  

To those with back pain or joint problems, you can find that more cushioning is offered by other types of mattresses, such as memory foam. Perhaps an innerspring mattress will not be able to cradle such pressure points for someone with joint pain.

3) Prone to sagging

Unfortunately, just like everything else, innerspring mattresses declines. For the bed, the worst is uneven sagging. It worsens your body aches. Metal is pliable, and the bodyweight is not going to flatten the thing correctly.

4) Noise Levels

Because of the internal steel structure, you might end up with a squeaky mattress after a few years. If you have a mattress with double sides, you have the option to flip. If it’s one-sided, however, then you won’t have any choice but to put up with the noise and look for a substitute.

What is Innerspring?

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