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Spring vs Foam

How To Get The Perfect Mattress For Your Kids

by Dial a Bed

You’ll spend a third of your life in bed, so it’s well worth weighing your options when it comes to finding a mattress. New memory foam technology and increasingly smart spring designs mean our customers are sleeping better than ever, and face a challenging choice – memory foam or innerspring?

Dial a Bed have been matching South Africans to their perfect mattresses for more than 25 years, and we can help you settle the debate between memory foam and spring mattresses! But first, there’s a few things you should understand about the two different types of mattresses.

What are spring mattresses?

When you think about mattresses, what springs to mind? In all likelihood, it's probably the traditional innerspring mattress. You’ve almost definitely slept on one before – they are by far the most prevalent type of mattress in bedrooms around the world.

Invented during the industrial revolution, they represented a big shift in bedding technology, and they’ve continued to advance ever since. Nowadays you can find a spring bed to suit just about every comfort preference, health requirement or budget imaginable.

So what are they?

Spring mattresses are constructed from a number of materials, but most notably they include a number of steel coils designed to compress under your body weight, these are contained within the ‘spring zone’ (the area that gives you your greatest support) under a comfort layer. There are a few different ways a spring mattress can be built to provide better support, or different levels of softness and comfort. The shape, size and number of coils for example can differ between mattress models and impact on the comfort of the mattress.

Although they might look similar on the outside, there are actually five different types of innerspring mattresses, of which Dial a Bed stock two kinds:

Open coil is the classic and oldest form of spring mattress and is constructed with single coils (shaped like an hourglass) that are affixed to a wire frame to form a mat, each coil is then attached to adjacent coils with smaller ‘helical’ coils. Open coil mattresses tend to be very light and allow for good air flow – they’re perfect if you’re one to say their partner makes the bed too hot!

Check out Dial a Bed’s King Koil Beech, Slumber King Status and Ashley and Restonic Odyssey for affordable head to toe support.

As the name suggests, pocket spring mattresses are made up of individual pockets, each with a separate spring sealed within. This construction is excellent for comfort and perfect for couples who experience partner disturbance, as it allows springs to operate independently of each other. Dial a Bed stock a range of pocket spring beds, as they tend to be the most popular technology due to their ability to reduce partner disturbance, and provide body conformance and support where it’s needed.

For an undisturbed night’s sleep consider our exclusive Fort winks range, Sealy Cruden, Dunning or our Koil Koil range (excluding Beech) for affordable comfort. If you’re after unparalleled luxury and a sleep experience like no other than you can’t go past the Sealy Luffness or our entire Simmons range, all exclusive to Dial a Bed

What are memory foam mattresses?

Memory foam is a visco-elastic material with excellent pressure relieving capabilities because the material moulds to your body shape.

Unlike spring mattresses that will provide a bit of bounce-back, a memory foam mattress will mould to your body shape. The different feels are a matter of preference, but the relative ‘give’ of a memory foam mattress absorbs movement and is perfect for reducing partner disturbance - which is why it’s also become a popular choice on the comfort layer of traditional spring mattresses.

The lack of open-air spaces inside the mattress can also help to prevent dust mite infestation, and the best memory foam mattresses are made from hypoallergenic materials, so if allergies are a concern they are an excellent option.

Dial a Bed stock the Dunlopillo Mattress in a Box which uses gel infused memory foam that conforms perfectly to your body and comes conveniently packaged in a box!

Or check out our Tempur range, which uses patented technology designed by NASA to give you the best night’s sleep. You can find out more about Tempur mattresses here.

Choosing the right mattress for you

Whether you prefer the feel of memory foam or a springy mattress we’ve got you covered. Here at Dial a Bed we understand that there’s a range of factors to be considered when finding the perfect mattress to suit your needs. You can always find our range of memory foam and spring mattresses online or in-store - come and talk to us today!

Spring vs Foam

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