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    Prices shown for standard length beds.

    Furniture and accessories shown for display purposes only.

    1. Tempur Flex 2000 Moto Brown Base Queen Extra Length
    2. Tempur Micro Tech 22cm
      Tempur Micro Tech 22cm Click to view more sizes
      From R25,199
    3. Tempur Micro Tech 22cm King Mattress Extra Length
    4. Tempur Micro Tech 22cm Queen Mattress Extra Length
    5. Tempur Micro Tech 22cm Single Mattress Extra Length
    6. Tempur Mattress Protector
      Tempur Mattress Protector Click to view more sizes
      From R749
    7. Tempur Flex 2000 Moto Brown Base
      Tempur Flex 2000 Moto Brown Base Click to view more sizes
      From R34,599
    8. Tempur Original Elite 25cm
      Tempur Original Elite 25cm Click to view more sizes
      From R41,999
    9. Tempur Micro Tech 20cm
      Tempur Micro Tech 20cm Click to view more sizes
      From R21,999
    10. Tempur Original Supreme 21cm
      Tempur Original Supreme 21cm Click to view more sizes
      From R37,799
    11. Tempur Mattress Protector King Extra Length
    12. Tempur Mattress Protector Queen Extra Length
    13. Tempur Mattress Protector Single Extra Length
    14. Tempur Ombracio Pillow - Available in Gauteng ONLY
    15. Tempur Symphony Pillow Large - Available in Gauteng ONLY
    16. Tempur Symphony Pillow Medium - Available in Gauteng ONLY
    17. Tempur Original Pillow Large - Available in Gauteng ONLY
    18. Tempur Original Pillow Medium - Available in Gauteng ONLY
    19. Tempur Flex 2000 Moto Brown Base King Extra Length
    20. Tempur Flex 2000 Moto Brown Base Single Extra Length
    21. Tempur Original Elite 25cm King Mattress Extra Length
    22. Tempur Original Elite 25cm Queen Mattress Extra Length
    23. Tempur Original Elite 25cm Single Mattress Extra Length
    24. Tempur Original Supreme 21cm King Mattress Extra Length
    25. Tempur Original Supreme 21cm Queen Mattress Extra Length
    26. Tempur Original Supreme 21cm Single Mattress Extra Length
    27. Tempur Micro Tech 20cm King Mattress Extra Length
    28. Tempur Micro Tech 20cm Queen Mattress Extra Length
    29. Tempur Micro Tech 20cm Single Mattress Extra Length

    29 Items


    Active Filters

      Prices shown for standard length beds.

      Furniture and accessories shown for display purposes only.


      Tempur Beds For Sale

      Tempur have perfected their bed and mattress designs through research and development by scientists and engineers, who’ve perfected a collection that gives you your best night’s sleep yet. Would you believe that the company literally began in space? Tempur’s temperature-sensitive material was originally developed by NASA to relive the pressure experienced by astronauts during lift off.

      Only a handful of top scientists know the formula to make the materials that go into Tempur beds. They manufacture the material in their own production facilities in Denmark and the United States, and continually invest in research and development to seek new innovations in sleep to ensure their technology and products always deliver the best sleep possible. 

      At Dial-a-Bed, South Africa’s largest branded bedding retailer, we are proud to stock this leading mattress and pillow brand both online and in store now. 

      Shop the Tempur range now

      Which Tempur bed is best to buy?

      The exclusive memory foam used in the Tempur beds for sale, offers an experience of weightless sleep, a comfort and support like no other, and a truly a unique feel. The decision on which is the best to buy, lies solely in the feel, experience, and price range you’re looking for.

      Tempur beds South Africa, available now at Dial-a-Bed stores nationwide, offers a wide range of mattresses with different comfort levels and features, all of which offer the superior Tempur support. To discover which mattress suits you best, comfort test them all now at one of our selected stores. 

      Tempur offers four distinct collections, each with a uniquely different feel but all designed to conform and adapt to the shape of your body. Let’s take a look at some of the features of their mattresses now;

      Tempur’s NASA-developed material

      Their unique bed material offers pressure relieving qualities which provide the core benefits of the mattresses in all four collections. The temperature-sensitive material conforms to the shape of your body and reduces any discomfort caused by pressure points. It redistributes pressure so you can immediately relax into your most comfortable sleeping position and remain there fully supported, all night long. The Tempur Support Layer is soft where you want it and firm where you need it.

      The Tempur Flex Adjustable Base 

      All their mattresses are designed to rest on either a regular hard top base or can be used on their unique flex adjustable base. The adjustable base has flexible plates made with an open honeycomb structure for better ventilation. They can be dropped into an existing bed frame or they can be purchased with legs to turn them into a standing bed. The adjustable base enables you to raise your head, body and legs with one simple press of a button, making it more comfortable to read, watch TV or lift your tired feet for better relaxation. It’s divided into four zones where the flexible plates have different degrees of firmness.

      Tempur Accessories

      At Dial-a-Bed we also stock a wide range of Tempur sleep accessories to enhance your sleeping experience too, namely;

      Tempur Pillows

      A good pillow that properly supports your head and neck in a comfortable position is vital to enjoy your best night’s sleep. Dial-a-Bed stocks a wide selection of Tempur pillows in a variety of shapes, feels and styles to suit different needs and sleep positions.

      Tempur Fit Mattress Protector

      Waterproof and breathable, this protector consists of natural fibres, which are breathable and absorbent. The protector features an ‘intelligent membrane’ that prevents the mattress from getting wet and is one of the thinnest of its type available on the market.

      Come in and test a Tempur bed, mattress or pillow in one of our Comfort Test Areas in store, countrywide. Locate your nearest store now.

      Where can I buy Tempur beds?

      You can buy a bed or mattress set at the best Tempur bed prices from Dial-a-Bed today. We make investing in this bed brand easy by offering them at our online and at selected stores nationwide.

      Buy at Dial-a-Bed online today and you’ll be able to browse our bed range from the comfort of your couch. Find what you’re looking for and purchase it today, safely and securely. If you order online now and get free delivery to your door if you live within 30km of a one of our stores.

      We have over 65 stores countrywide, with nine warehouses too. We are known to have the largest stock in beds and mattresses across South Africa. If you see a bed you like in store or online, we’ll deliver it to you quicker than most. If you purchase a bed in store before midday, we promise to deliver it to you the same day so that you begin your new life of sleeping sound, that very night.

      We’ll give you 100-nights to try

      Our 100-night promise to you is that if you’re not happy with your Dial-a-Bed mattress or bed and are not waking up refreshed and recharged after 100-nights, we’ll exchange the bed for another model in your price range, for FREE.

      Dial-a-Bed. Sleep for Life.



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