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    Prices shown for standard length beds.

    Furniture and accessories shown for display purposes only.

    1. Slumber King Zest Firm
      Slumber King Zest Firm Click to view more sizes
      From R1,799
    2. Slumber King Status MK11 Firm
      Slumber King Status MK11 Firm Click to view more sizes
      From R2,699
    3. Slumber King Ashley Firm
      Slumber King Ashley Firm Click to view more sizes
      From R3,699

    3 Items


    Active Filters

      Prices shown for standard length beds.

      Furniture and accessories shown for display purposes only.


      Slumber King Beds For Sale

      Slumber King is exclusively made in South Africa and sold at Dial-a-bed stores nationwide. When you buy Slumber King beds, you’re investing in affordable sleep at the most value-for-money prices on the market. These beds are the perfect addition to the home as mattresses for sleepovers or bed sets for guest rooms.
      Shop the Slumber King beds for sale range at Dial-a-Bed now. You’ll be able to test a few in store at your nearest Dial-a-Bed outlet or shop the range online.
      Local is definitely lekker when it comes to Slumber King South Africa. Locally made with love and in South Africa, and priced very affordably too.
      Dial-a-Bed is the number one bedding retailer in the country and we are very proud to stock this proudly South African brand. Enquire in store or online about the most competitive Slumber King bed prices we have available today.

      Shop the Slumber King range now

      What sizes are Slumber King beds?

      When you read the Slumber King bed reviews, you’ll see that the range offered by this brand is really affordable for the comfort you get in the product. The beds are available exclusively from Dial-a-Bed in the following sizes:

      • Single
      • Three quarter
      • Double
      • Queen
      • King

      The beds come in a standard length of 188cm long and can be custom-made in extra length too.

      Keen to know more about this SA brand? Visit us at a local outlet near you and try the beds on for size in the Comfort Test Area located in each store.  Locate your nearest store now.

      How much are Slumber King beds?

      The Slumber King brand has chosen to position itself as an extremely affordable brand for the South African market, offering super competitive prices on their entry-level beds.

      Here are a few good reasons to buy Slumber King;

      High Density Foam Design

      High density foam is used in the design of all Slumber King mattresses giving a firm feel and long-lasting support. This popular memory foam substance supports the Bonnell springs in the mattress and allows the bed to be both firm and soft at the same time.

      Bonnell Springs Design

      Bonnell Springs exist in the Slumber King mattress design and are made up of coils that have an hour glass shape to them. They connected together via a mesh of metal and this system gives the mattress a durable and supportive feel.

      Where to buy Slumber King beds?

      Exclusively at Dial-a-Bed, of course! We proudly stock this SA brand as the complete answer to an affordable night’s sleep.

      Dial-a-Bed offers you the hugest range of beds and mattresses in the country and here’s a few reasons why;

      65 stores nationwide

      With over 65 stores and nine warehouses across the nation, when it comes to choice we’re the go-to bedding store for sure. We stock a huge variety of bedding brands from the best-known manufacturers both locally and abroad. Our sales staff are trained to know the features and specs of the bed brands they have in stock and will help you make an informed choice when it comes to the perfect night’s sleep.

      If you buy your bed at your nearest store before midday, we’ll deliver it to your door the same day. You’ll even be able to sleep in your new purchase that night.

      Fully stocked online store

      Our online store is packed to the brim with mattresses and beds too. We showcase all the brands from our suppliers including Slumber King and you are able to search for the bed you want by size, brand, length, and price range too.

      If you buy online, we’ll deliver your bed for free – that’s if you live within a 30km radius of Dial-a-Bed store.

      100-night promise

      If you don’t wake up feeling refreshed after 100 nights in your new bed, we’ll happily exchange the bed for another model in you price range, for free! 

      Dial-a-Bed. Sleep for Life.

      Dial-a-Bed - 2020