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    Prices shown for standard length beds.

    Furniture and accessories shown for display purposes only.

    1. Simmons Sova Firm
      Simmons Sova Firm Click to view more sizes
      From R10,899 From R9,899
    2. Simmons Sova Medium
      Simmons Sova Medium Click to view more sizes
      From R11,899 From R10,899
    3. Simmons Winchester Firm
      Simmons Winchester Firm Click to view more sizes
      From R18,899 From R16,899
    4. Simmons Winchester Medium
      Simmons Winchester Medium Click to view more sizes
      From R20,899 From R18,899
    5. Simmons Sherbourne Luxury
      Simmons Sherbourne Luxury Click to view more sizes
      From R28,599 From R25,599
    6. Simmons Healthsmart Plush
      Simmons Healthsmart Plush Click to view more sizes
      From R30,599 From R27,599
    7. Simmons Elite Firm
      Simmons Elite Firm Click to view more sizes
      From R51,399 From R41,399
    8. Simmons Elite Plush
      Simmons Elite Plush Click to view more sizes
      From R56,399 From R46,399

    8 Items


    Active Filters

      Prices shown for standard length beds.

      Furniture and accessories shown for display purposes only.


      Simmons Beds For Sale

      They don’t do sleep until you do. For over 140 years, the Simmons Bedding Company has not stopped innovating to help the world sleep better every night. Their innovative range has revolutionized sleep technology, ensuring their customers get the sleep they deserve.
      Simmons and Simmons South Africa sets themselves apart as the most pioneering mattress company in the world, leading industry advancements in comfort and support since 1870. Whether you’re exploring their value-for-money Beautysleep options or the top mattresses in their exclusive Simmons Beautyrest line, you’re guaranteed the best mattress for your lifestyle.

      The company has sold nearly 100 million mattresses worldwide and boast that 18 out of the 20 Top Hotel brands use Simmons as their bed of choice for their guests. Now those are statistics you can’t argue with.

      At Dial-a-Bed we proudly stock this innovative mattress brand both online or in store. Choose to visit us at one of our stores nationwide or shop online securely with us today.

      Shop the Simmons range now

      Simmons Bedset South Africa

      Which Simmons bed should I buy?

      We stock a range of Simmons bedsets in South Africa that all offer lasting reliability, enduring comfort and the most luxurious feel available on the market. If you can imagine sleeping in ultimate heaven, that’s what sleeping on one of their beds feels like.
      They offer a variety of bed collections to choose from and we are proud to stock this reputable and exclusive bed brand. Take a look at their collections available from us now;

      SOVA Collection by Simmons

      The SOVA Collection offers you sophisticated design, paired with intuitive technologies and comfort to ensure you wake up every morning refreshed and ready to go. 

      Watford Collection by Simmons

      This Collection brings you innovative design and superior style. Expertly crafted for an elegant sleep system that puts you completely at ease.

      Sherbourne Collection by Simmons

      The Sherbourne Collection is more than a mattress, it’s a have for seep, restorative sleep with an experience beyond mere comfort. It creates a restful escape where sleep is the ultimate luxury.

      Across all of the collections available from them, there are common features that set this company apart from the others;

      Which is the best place to buy a Simmons bed?

      As SA’s number one bedding specialist and retailer, we like to think that we’re the best place to buy a Simmons bed set from. We stock a wide array of options from across their collections. From the affordable SOVA collection to the exclusive Elite and Sherbourne collections, you’ll be spoilt for choice in our showrooms.

      How to buy the right bed

      We have put together a guide on how to buy the right mattress for you. They’ve jotted down some tips on how to make shopping for a mattress successful each time. Their top ten seven tips are:

      1. Do your research
      2. If you’re choosing a bed as a couple, always take your partner with you
      3. Before you shop online or walk in the door, know what you want and need
      4. How much space to you have in your bedroom for a bed?
      5. Make sure you choose a reputable retailer – like Dial-a-Bed – to buy your Simmons mattress.
      6. If you’re buying in store, try it out
      7. Ask the sales consultant all about the beds features and benefits
      8. Make sure you choose the right base for the bed

      Read more mattress and bed buying tips from Simmons now.

      Choose SA’s number 1 bedding retailer

      We’ve been in the business of making sure South African’s get a good night’s sleep for many years and as the number one stockist of leading beds brands from around the world, we firmly believe that we are numero uno!

      Shop in store at one of our leading retail stores in every major province across the country. With over 65 stores nationwide, there’s guaranteed to be a Dial-a-Bed near you. In every store we offer a welcome Comfort Test Area, which is an area for all our customers to test the beds their interested in. Get a feel for the bed and its comfort levels before you buy. You’ll be able to sleep in the bed you choose that same night, if you buy the bed before midday. Could it be any simper?

      Locate your nearest store now.

      Not satisfied after 100-nights?

      If you aren’t waking up completely refreshed and recharged in your new bed after 100 nights, we’ll replace the bed for FREE with another model in your price range. It’s our 100-night promise to you.

      Free delivery online

      As if the above wasn’t reason enough to shop with Dial-a-Bed, we also offer free delivery on all online purchases. If you order online and live within 30km of a Dial-a-Bed store, we’ll deliver your bed or mattress purchase to your door at no extra cost.

      Dial-a-Bed; Sleep for Life.


      Dial-a-Bed - 2020