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    Restonic Beds For Sale

    Living your best life includes having the best sleep, and that’s exactly what they aim to do. Available from Dial-a-Bed now, Restonic beds for sale come in a range of sizes, support and prices too. From the affordable to the exclusive, you’ll find the most competitive Restonic bed prices at Dial-a-Bed today.

    Restonic reviews have consistently been excellent, with many customers reporting that their beds have helped their sleep to improve. They first won the American Women’s Choice Award for Excellence in a Brand Experience in 2011, and they’ve won the title consistently ever since.

    They’ve been supporting dreams since 1939. You’ll find the full range available at Dial-a-Bed now.

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    How long does a Restonic bed last?

    The lifespan of a bed and mattress depends on many factors, which depend on the person or people sleeping on the mattress each night. 

    Here’s more about why to buy one of their mattresses or bed:

    The Restonic safety test

    Restonic was the first mattress manufacturer to implement rigid standards in health and safety compliance when it comes to flammability. All their beds are fire safety tested, putting themselves streets ahead of their competitors in this regard. With every one of their beds, you’ll see the Underwriters Laboratories Certification logo. This means that their beds have fire safety tested.  

    Restonic’s Marvellous Middle design

    The patented design of their beds provides extra support to the centre third of the mattress where your spine and hip joints need it most. You also never need to flip a Restonic, they simply recommend you only rotate it once a month.

    Variety of fabrics

    They make a range of fabric options available in their bed range, namely;

    • Bamboo - an eco-friendly option that promotes breathability and temperature control.
    • Imported Fabrics - rich fibres woven together create plush and long-lasting fabrics that are an investment in healthy sleep.
    • Laminated Fabrics – this fabric finish offers a luxurious look promising durability and memory to the fabric.
    • Stretch Fabric - provides ultimate luxury and comfort when you’re sleeping.

    Restonic’s enhanced cushioning

    The luxurious pillowtop design of their beds allows for optimum cushioning while you sleep and the box top design adds an additional layer of comfort too.

    Restonic’s fun facts

    With the help of Professor Chirs Idzikowski, a sleep expert, they’ve put together an explanation of the six most common sleeping positions and what they say about you. Check out the different sleeping positions and personalities page now. Which one are you?

    Read more on the Restonic website.

    Buy Restonic today

    At Dial-a-Bed makes it easier to get a good night’s sleep by offering you two ways to buy the bed set or mattress of your dreams. Shop online with us now and we’ll deliver your bed within 2 – 5 working days. Or visit us in store and test a few mattress options in person. We’re based across the country at stores in every province. Keen to find a Dial-a-Bed near you? Locate your nearest store now.

    Where can I buy a Restonic bed?

    We’re SA’s leading bedding retailer and we know a thing or two about beds. You’ll be able to find a Restonic bed at a Dial-a-Bed store nearest you or shop online for one too. We stock a wide range of bed sets and mattresses to suit everyone’s price point. From affordable single beds to luxury king sized ones, shop with us today.

    Why choose Dial-a-Bed?

    For two reasons; you can test beds in store and you’ll get 100-night guarantee for all online or in store purchases;

    Comfort Test Areas

    In each of our 65 plus stores countrywide, you’ll be able to pop in and test the beds you’re keen on. Thanks to our Comfort Test Areas, you’ll be able to get an excellent idea of each beds look and feel and most especially how it makes your body feel to sleep on it. If you purchase a bed in store before midday, we’ll deliver it that same day. You’ll be able to start your journey to excellent sleep that night!

    100-night guarantee

    Have you heard about our 100-night promise? We are so confident that the beds we stock are designed to give you an excellent night’s sleep, that we are willing to test them out. Our 100-night guarantee says that if you are not waking up recharged within 100 nights, we’ll gladly swop out your purchase for another model, free of charge. But we have a feeling you won’t want to part with your new mattress any time soon.

    We deliver for free too. If you shop and order online and live within 30km of your nearest store, we’ll deliver your bed set or mattress purchase for free

    Dial-a-Bed; Sleep for Life.


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