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Restonic Palmer Medium

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Restonic Palmer Medium Mattress For Sale

The Restonic Palmer Medium features Black Ice - a ceramic infusion that helps cool the advanced gel foam comfort layers, and features a luxuriously plush pillow top for ultimate comfort.

Your search for a great bed just got easier. For a good night’s sleep you need a mattress that ensures the correct support for your body. Your Restonic Palmer Medium bed features the Patented marvelous middle®. High Density Foam Posture Bars run between the springs in the middle of the mattress adding support to the center third of the mattress where it is needed the most. This is why our Marvelous Middle products are approved by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA). Additionally, the No Turn Technology ensures that you never have to flip the mattress.

This mattress comfort level usually fits most people’s needs and is ideal for back sleepers looking for a little more comfort than you get from a firm. The Restonic Palmer Medium mattress may not be a good choice for back sleepers, as they may leave your lower back aching, so the medium-firm comfort is perfect for sleeping comfortably on your back. that is not to say that stomach or side sleepers won’t enjoy this mattress - the Restonic Palmer Medium bed is the great all-rounder, good for all sleep types. This is generally the go-to choice for couples that have different sleeping styles.  Even stomach or back sleepers will find that sleeping on a medium comfort provides the correct spinal alignment to allow for a deep and restful sleep while preventing back pain. 

What is the difference between Restonic firm, medium and plush comfort?

The difference between a Restonic firm, medium or soft mattress is the feel of the mattress and the amount of give that the mattress allows for when you lie on it. A firm mattress provides a firm sleep surface, more rigid than a soft or plush mattress that gives quite a bit more and creates the sensation of extreme softness. A medium mattress is right in between, providing a softer surface than a firm, but providing a little more support than a plush mattress.

In order to validate the 100 night comfort exchange – you are required to purchase a new mattress protector from Dial-a-Bed. Reason being, every new mattress needs a new protector, to protect your new investment from stains, spills to keep your mattress in a sanitary condition.


Black Ice

  • Black Ice contains a ceramic infusion which ads enhanced conductivity to the exceptional comfort and support characteristics of gel foam.
  • Scientifically proven to be up to 20% cooler than traditional foam, which enables a much cooler comfortable sleep. Black Ice gel foam provides greater pressure relief and comfort across wider temperatures, including cooler conditions where conventional memory foam stiffens

Plush Pillow Top

  • A luxurious pillow top provides optimum cushioning for enhanced comfort

Never Turn Technology

  • Allows you to no longer flip your mattress but to rotate your mattress once a month

Side Support

  • Increases the overall sleeping surface by strengthening the sides of the mattress for better support and helps maintain mattress shape

Luxury Laminated Fabrics

  • The laminated finish gives the fabric a unique luxurious look and adds durability and memory to the fabric

Marvelous Middle Technology

  • Our patented Marvelous Middle system provides extra support to the centre third of the mattress where it is needed most
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