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Lockdown Lows Get Sleep Smart

Lockdown Lows? Get Sleep Smart.

Author: Dial•a•Bed | May 2020

Getting a proper night’s sleep is a productive time for you to restore and recuperate. Use these 10 smart sleep tips for the whole family.

Waking up, exercising, working from home, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, relaxing, sleeping. Repeat. The days, weeks, and now months, of lockdown, begin to blur. Tensions rise. Emotions snap, even in the closest families.

Is your family “sleep smart”? It may seem like a basic question because it is! Smart sleep is what sets your family up for the day.

Sleep smart, like an expert.

Nobody knows this better than leading sleep scientist, Dr Dale Rae. “When times are uncertain, and anxieties heightened, sleeping smartly becomes even more important.” Getting proper sleep is a productive time to restore and recuperate. Adds Dr Rae, “We are being more responsible about our family’s physical and mental wellbeing by prioritising proper sleep.”

Sleep guidelines, for the smart set.

Here are 10 checkpoints to help your family sleep smarter during lockdown:

  1. Keep to regular sleep times. You might not have a commute in the morning, but it’s not smart to stay up late and sleep late into the mornings or then binge sleep on weekends.
  2. Get up! Sticking to a morning routine is especially smart if your family is showing lockdown anxiety.  
  3. Avoid afternoon napping. Smart sleepers avoid bad habits that might interrupt a good night’s rest.
  4. Family cuddle-ups aren’t the smartest. If it helps to get your kids to drift off, put them back into their own beds as soon as they’re asleep. Then get back to your own, uninterrupted sleep. You will all be smarter for it in the morning.
  5. Offline games are smarter. You have likely been online in classes and meetings all day. Find quieter, calming activities into the evening that relax and entertain the family. You’ll be sleep smart by bedtime.
  6. Share your dreams. Many families are reporting wildly vivid and memorable dreams during lockdown sleep. Laugh them off over breakfast (the parentally appropriate ones, of course). Make light of the odd nightmare. It’s a smart way to release stress.
  7. Manage insomnia. Not sleeping is a symptom of anxiety. Find smart ways to calm the mind, like reading, or doing a menial chore. Avoid the temptation to watch TV or get online.
  8. Get some sunlight. Get out. The mind and body are programmed for daytime activity. After sundown, your senses will unwind and get ready for sleep. 
  9. Learn smart. If possible, find a space for online classes that is outside of the bedroom. Set up the dining table. Convert a corner spot. That way, bedtime is a welcome, sleepy retreat after a long day. 
  10. Count the calories. Lockdown can easily become a snack trap. Stock up with sleep smart treats that go easy on the sugar. 

Make a smart choice.

Is this all just a big yawn? Well, hopefully, yes. At Dial•a•Bed you will find the smartest solutions to your family’s sleep needs. There’s a perfect bed for every little dreamer. The widest range of mattresses will keep mom and dad feeling younger, too. 

Shop responsibly.

Your health comes first. Following current national health directives, Dial-a-Bed has

undertaken strict environmental controls to ensure safe store visits. Of course, you may prefer to shop online at Dial•a•Bed. All product handling and deliveries are also carefully monitored to provide a responsibly sanitized service.

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