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How Does A Bad Mattress Affect Your Sleep

How Does A Bad Mattress Affect Your Sleep?

Author: Dial•a•Bed | June 2020 

Having trouble sleeping is probably something that scares you with the crazy schedule you're keeping. Therefore, you’re looking for every means at your disposal to avoid this issue that many people experience in adulthood. You still remember your worst night ever, when your parents took you camping, and you slept on a cot that looked more like a sheet of plastic than a real mattress. But did you know that this can also happen to you at home with a bad mattress?

A bad mattress can have many shapes!

A bad mattress can take several forms, starting with a mattress with a fully integrated structure, but the size and/or firmness of which is not adapted to your morphology. In both cases, your sleeping position will feel unnatural! If the mattress is too small or does not provide you with the required support, you won't sleep in an adequate position and you will unnecessarily use your muscles, which will then be under permanent strain instead of resting. You'll also put pressure on your bones, especially your back, while your pressure points will not be relieved at all. As a result, you will be muscularly exhausted and still have pain all over your body in the morning, that is if the pain didn't wake you up during the night!

Another problem is a mattress that prevents good air circulation. Poor ventilation will have the effect of retaining moisture, which is conducive to the development of mould. This lack of ventilation through the mattress will also prevent the effective dispersal of the heat you generate, which will make you sweat, especially in the summer! You will then move around more often to find a bit of coolness, not to mention the number of times you will wake up sweating in the night. Not great for a good night's sleep! 

Unrestful sleep, a variable to take seriously!

The only good thing about sleeping poorly is that you'll notice it as soon as you wake up the next day. In the morning, you'll find it harder to concentrate and make decisions. You'll be much less productive, no matter what you do!

But all this will be the least of your worries if your sleep is disturbed over the long-term. Lack of sleep over a long period of time weakens your immune system and can lead to cardiovascular complications.

What is more, a poor sleeping position can have serious consequences on your back, going from a herniated disc to, more frequently, a crick in the neck! These same ailments, combined with a lack of sleep, can increase your nervousness, and therefore your stress. So, sleeping on the wrong mattress can have disastrous consequences!

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