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How To Buy A Mattress

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How To Buy A Quality Mattress

It’s not every day you wake up and think, “Let’s buy a mattress!” Yet every 8 years this is exactly what you should consider. Even the best need replacing at some point. A leading sleep scientist like UCT’s Dr Dale Rae will always ask the practical question: “How’s the quality of your mattress holding up? Many things may interfere with your sleep and a poor mattress is one of them. Not being comfortable during the night can fragment your sleep, leaving you feeling unrefreshed in the morning.”

When should you replace your mattress?

Think of it like new car tyres. You can tell the difference of a solid tread. You feel in control and more secure. But are you still thinking about your tyres 30,000 kilometres later? Not likely. Yet they are essential to keeping you safely on the road.

A new mattress affords a wonderful, quality night’s sleep. Getting into bed is an event. Months later, the novelty wears off. Years after, the niggles start. A quality bed is designed to accommodate the contours of your natural sleeping position. It provides the right support and comfort. With normal wear and tear, that begins to sag.  

Is there a mattress test?

Yes. The first test could be yourself. Without realizing it, your neck, back and hip posture might be compromised. You can’t understand why you’re waking up slightly stiff and cranky. Well, possibly it’s that tired old mattress. Compare the compression of the outer edges to the middle. If you feel a significant difference in resistance, your mattress is sagging. If you can actually hear it compacting when you get into bed, it is way past its sleep-by-date!

What is a quality mattress?

Simply, it’s the mattress that works for you, as well as your partner. Technologies in coils and foam have advanced significantly. Mattresses are now available in a variety of support structures. You might prefer an open spring system (Bonel springs) or a closed, pocket coil mattress. Try a top range Tempur memory foam bed! It’s a first-class dream machine. The Dunlopillo range, made from 100% pure latex, is also immensely popular with Dial-a-Bed customers. Importantly, the right mattress is the one that gives you a full 6-8 hours of deep, quality sleep.

Only the best mattress will do.

Consider that your body changes over the years. Your preferences may differ since you last bought a mattress. Come to the trusted experts at Dial-a-Bed. Explore the widest range of local and international brands. Feel the difference in superbly purpose-designed bedding. You will find the quality tested mattress that’s just right for you.

Shopping on a budget? No problem. With Dial-a-Bed you can invest in a top quality mattress and still have money to hide underneath it. Everyone can Sleep For Life with Dial-a-Bed. Shop online by brand, size and budget at www.dialabed.co.za. You’re not just buying a mattress. Wake up in the morning and say, “Let’s buy 8 more years of happiness!”

Shop responsibly

Your health comes first. Following current national health directives, Dial-a-Bed has

undertaken strict environmental controls to ensure safe store visits. Of course, you may prefer to shop online at www.dialabed.co.za. All product handling and deliveries are also carefully monitored to provide a reliably sanitized service.


How To Buy A Mattress

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