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Forty Winks Sleepsmart Single Mattress

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Forty Winks Sleepsmart Ultra Plush Bed For Sale

The Forty Winks Sleepsmart Ultra Plush features a Hand Tufted Memory Foam luxury pamper top designed for reduced partner disturbance and luxurious head to toe spinal support

Forty Winks beds are designed with three Proactive Capsule Pocket springs which have been created to reduce partner disturbance and offer head to toe spine support. The spring unit design of the Forty Winks Sleepsmart Ultra Plush mattress boasts the Pro-active Capsule Pocket Coil design for the maximum spinal support. They also have reinforced side support bars to prevent the bed softening or rolling on the ends.

Reduced partner disturbance offers you a peaceful night's sleep uninterrupted by the motion and movements of your partner. These features all come together in the Forty Winks Sleepsmart Ultra Plush bed to offer you an affordable yet high quality mattress designed for all night comfort and support.

This comfort level is focused more on pressure relief than total support. A plush Forty Winks mattress does provide a softer surface and provides good support, but not as much support as you would get from a medium or firm mattress. While many plush mattresses do offer superb back support, they are generally not recommended for people who sleep on their stomach as the surface is usually a little too soft to offer the right support for this sleeping style. 

The Forty Winks Sleepsmart Ultra Plush bed is great for side sleepers because the spinal alignment offered is excellent, and the mattress contours to your body while you sleep, allowing for a very comfortable side sleeping experience.  Back sleepers are also going to be pleasantly surprised by the support on offer from the Forty Winks Sleepsmart Ultra Plush mattress.

What is the difference between Forty Winks firm, medium and plush comfort?

The difference between a Forty Winks firm medium or soft mattress is the feel and the amount of give that you feel when you lie on it. A firm comfort levelprovides a firm sleep surface, more rigid than a soft or plush mattress that gives quite a bit more and creates the sensation of extreme softness. A medium is right in between, providing a softer surface than a firm, but providing a little more support than a plush.

In order to validate the 100 night comfort exchange – you are required to purchase a new mattress protector from Dial-a-Bed. Reason being, every new mattress needs a new protector, to protect your new investment from stains, spills to keep your mattress in a sanitary condition.


Spring Unit

  • Pro-active Capsule Pocket coil with re-enforced side support.
  • Designed for reduced partner disturbance and head to toe spine support.

Support Layer

  • 100mm Visco elastic Memory Foam.

Special Features

  • Hand Tuffed Memory Foam luxury pamper top.
  • Turn free Mattress.
  • The fabric has a high cotton content combined with matching white fabric base.
  • Foam encased. 


  • Mattress Height : 35cm
  • Base Height (with legs): 36cm
  • Total Height: 71cm

Guarantee & Warranty

  • Guarantee: 2 Years
  • Warrantee: 8 Years
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