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Forty Winks Margaux Bed Set

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100 Night Comfort GuaranteeTry any of our mattresses for 100 nights.
If you don't absolutely love it - change it!
Premium Comfort Layer Comfort Loft™
  • Forty Winks 'COMFORT LOFT' of 300 grams fibre and foam peeling in deep quilted stretch fabric.
  • Ensures the luxury Forty Winks 'COMFORT LOFT' is resilient and pamper perfect.
  • Premium support layer of 30 density and memory foam.
  • Provides 'truComfort' that is built to last.
Pocket Spring Technology
  • Internationally tried and tested TURN FREE NESTED pocketed spring system.
  • Isolates partner movements enhancing undisturbed and revitalising sleep.
  • Stimulates natural support and comfort through the pocketed concept.

Do Not Turn
  • No flip or one sided mattresses have become the standard in this day and age.
  • It is important to know that one sided mattresses are in general, of a better quality than the older two sided mattresses.
  • Having a mattress with one side eliminates the need to turn the mattress over every few months.
Body Conformation
  • A very important element of a goods nights sleep is feeling comfortable on your mattress.
  • Mattresses that conform to the contours of your body ensure that you are left lying comfortable and cradled.

 No Roll
  • Some mattresses are designed to reduce partner disturbance.  When one person tosses or turns, the other will not feel it.
  • This allows for extended sessions of deep revitalizing sleep.
Memory Foam
  • Layer of extra supportive luxury Memory foam provides balance, comfort and support.
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