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Dunlopillo Black Ice Vinson Firm

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Dunlopillo Black Ice Vinson Firm Mattress For Sale

The Dunlopillo Black Ice Vinson Firm contains a ceramic infusion for added conductivity within the gel foam comfort layer providing 20% more cooling power than traditional memory foam. The Dunlopillo Black Ice Vinson Firm gel foam mattress provides a cool, extremely comfortable and pressure relieving nights sleep.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it’s only logical to invest in top quality bedding.

From exceptional contour support and ergonomic pressure distribution to advanced anti-bacterial and heat dispersion, the Dunlopillo Black Ice Vinson Firm mattress has the ultimate sleep technology to ensure you the best sleep ever, because when you sleep better, we sleep better. Every Dunlopillo mattress is engineered with cutting edge technology, and the Dunlopillo latex foam is highly sought after for its resilience and durable comfort, along with the materials luxurious feel. The Dunlopillo Black Ice Vinson Firm latex bed has antifungal and anti-bacterial properties to rejuvenate and improve your health making this a mattress to strongly consider.

This comfort rating is the most popular of bed comfort levels. The Dunlopillo Black Ice Vinson Firm bed set allows for proper spinal alignment and is ideal for back or stomach sleepers. The mattress is made from firm foam and is perfect for anyone who does not experience back pain. When sleeping on a firmer surface, your body is supported by your skeleton rather than your muscles meaning that your muscles are less strained, and your circulation is improved.

The Dunlopillo Black Ice Vinson Firm mattress supports your back very well and with the proper alignment you are able to increase your oxygen intake while sleeping, this leads to a better night's sleep.  

What is the difference between Dunlopillo firm, medium and plush comfort?

The difference between a Dunlopillo firm, medium or soft mattress is the feel and the amount of give that it allows for when you lie on it. A firm mattress provides a firm sleep surface, more rigid than a soft or plush that gives quite a bit more and creates the sensation of extreme softness. A medium mattress is right in between, providing a softer surface than a firm, but providing a little more support than a plush.

In order to validate the 100 night comfort exchange – you are required to purchase a new mattress protector from Dial-a-Bed. Reason being, every new mattress needs a new protector, to protect your new investment from stains, spills to keep your mattress in a sanitary condition.


Black Ice

  • Black ice contains a ceramic infusion which ads enhanced conductivity to the exceptional comfort and support characteristics of gel foam. Scientifically proven to be up to 20% cooler than traditional foam, which enables a much cooler comfortable sleep.
  • Black ice gel foam provides greater pressure relief and comfort across wider temperatures, including cooler conditions where conventional memory foam stiffens.

Fluted Floating Base

  • Stylish hand crafted base with a floating decorative design.

Support Flex Foam Layer

  • Specifically formulated to provide an effective durable and breathable foundation layer.


  • Superior comfort layers on both sides of the mattress, allowing to maintain a fresh sleeping surface and extend the life expectancy of your mattress
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