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Slumber Slumber

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  1. Slumber King Zest Firm
    Slumber King Zest Firm
    From R2,699.00 From R1,999.00
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  2. Slumberking Eclipse Firm
    Slumberking Eclipse Firm
    From R3,299.00 From R2,639.20
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  3. Slumberking Gelmax Medium
    Slumberking Gelmax Medium
    From R3,799.00 From R3,039.20
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  4. Slumberking Haven Firm
    Slumberking Haven Firm
    From R5,099.00 From R4,079.20
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  5. SlumberKing Haven Firm Storage Queen Bed Set Standard Length
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5 Items


Slumber King For Sale

Slumber King beds and mattresses are highly regarded as being affordable sleep options for guest rooms and sleepover areas. Comfortable and inexpensive, Slumber King beds come in single, double, three quarter and queen sizes. At Dial a Bed, if you buy a Slumber King bed and you’re not completely happy with it, you can exchange it within 100 days, as part of the 100 Day Comfort Exchange deal.

For affordable sleep that still promises good nights, Slumber King is a great choice as it brilliantly combines quality and value.

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