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  1. Simmons Sova Firm
    Simmons Sova Firm
    From R11,799 From R10,799
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  2. Simmons Sova Medium
    Simmons Sova Medium
    From R13,799 From R12,799
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  3. Simmons Sova Luxury
    Simmons Sova Luxury
    From R14,799 From R13,799
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  4. Simmons Winchester Firm
    Simmons Winchester Firm
    From R18,799 From R18,799
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  5. Simmons Winchester Medium
    Simmons Winchester Medium
    From R20,799 From R20,799
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  6. Simmons Sherbourne Luxury
    Simmons Sherbourne Luxury
    From R33,499 From R30,499
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  7. Simmons Healthsmart Plush
    Simmons Healthsmart Plush
    From R36,499 From R33,499
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  8. Simmons Elite Firm
    Simmons Elite Firm
    From R55,999 From R50,999
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  9. Simmons Elite Plush
    Simmons Elite Plush
    From R60,999 From R55,999
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9 Items


Simmons For Sale

When the first wrapped coil spring was patented in 1900, it sparked an idea at Simmons, who wanted to develop a machine that could do it better and faster. That’s what they did, and the Simmons Pocketed Coil® spring machine was born, paving the way for their signature Beautyrest mattress in 1925.

Simmons was the first mattress company to introduce a king and queen size mattress in the 1950s, and in 2008 they invented a hybrid technology that fused memory foam and Pocketed Coil springs, for incredible sleep. Each of their pocketed coils is fitted into an individual fabric pocket that allows each of the springs to move on their own when pressure is applied. The result? Great sleep, and little impact when your partner moves around in bed.

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