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  1. Forty Winks Sleepfit Kids Medium
    Forty Winks Sleepfit Kids Medium
    From R5,899 From R4,899
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  2. Forty Winks Sleepfit Firm
    Forty Winks Sleepfit Firm
    From R6,399 From R5,399
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  3. Forty Winks Sleepfit Medium
    Forty Winks Sleepfit Medium
    From R8,399 From R7,399
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  4. Forty Winks Sleepfit Plush
    Forty Winks Sleepfit Plush
    From R10,399 From R9,399
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  5. Forty Winks MegaSleep Firm
    Forty Winks MegaSleep Firm
    From R12,099 From R11,099
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  6. Forty Winks MegaSleep Medium
    Forty Winks MegaSleep Medium
    From R16,099 From R15,099
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6 Items


Forty Winks For Sale

While the term forty winks refer to short naps, the bed brand Forty Winks is devoted to the business of long and quality sleep, and have a range of incredible mattresses for great nights. In our frenetic and fast-paced world, good sleep is essential to function optimally during the day and with this in mind, Forty Winks beds are optimised to give you the best possible night’s sleep. The beds are designed to fully support the body no matter what your firmness or comfort preferences. Whatever you choose, you’ll wake up well-rested and ready to tackle the day.

Sturdy, comfortable and available in three comfort levels and all bed sizes, Forty Winks are available in all Dial•a•Bed stores and online. With the 100 Day Comfort Exchange, if you’re not entirely happy with your Forty Winks bed, you can exchange it within 100 days, and get a new one.

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