Winter Sleep: Electric Blanket or Thermal Duvet?

Winter sleep: Electric blanket or thermal duvet?

A winter electric blanket? Think again.There’s nothing nicer than slipping into a warm, cozy bed in winter. An electric blanket or mattress cover gives you that top-to-toe snugness. But is it really the best winter option? Consider a few practicalities:

  • Is your mattress suited to an electric blanket? A well-designed and constructed mattress will help you to maintain your core body temperature throughout your nightly sleep cycles. An electric blanket is likely to overheat your bed, interrupting the natural regulation of your body temperature.
  • An electric blanket is a potential fire hazard. Of course, these days electric blankets have safety mechanisms. The risk is minimal. But, like all electrical appliances, the older they get the less reliable they become. The reality is that wiring perishes with time.
  • Electric blankets cannot be washed. They’re likely to become a haven for dust and mites.
  • Do you have a furry friend that snuggles up with you? Claws can easily damage an electric blanket.
  • Be mindful of your child’s health, especially newborns and toddlers. An electric blanket is not advisable for an infant’s sensitive skin.

How About a Winter Thermal Duvet?

The insulation or extra padding in a thermal duvet is more practical. Here’s why:

  • A good quality thermal duvet is designed to ‘breathe’. It absorbs your body’s heat while also releasing excess heat. Effectively, you’re allowing your body to regulate an optimal core temperature for better sleep.
  • Consider the materials inside your thermal duvet. Natural wool padding is ideal. It breathes easily and mites avoid wool. Of course, feather and down duvets provide the ultimate winter warmth. Synthetic fillers work just as well and tend to be more affordable.
  • The thicker and puffier the duvet, the warmer it is, right? Not necessarily. A lighter duvet can be just as effective in both winter and summer. It’s the design and quality of the materials that can provide the ideal duvet for all seasons.
  • Duvets can be washed or dry cleaned, which is much better for sleep hygiene.

A Thermal Duvet for Natural Body Temperature.

We might have bitterly cold spells, but South Africa rarely experiences prolonged, sub-zero winters. What do sleep experts recommend? University of Cape Town Sleep Science specialist, Dr Dale Rae, has some warm advice.

“The aim,” says Dr Rae, “is to afford yourself the most appropriate bedding for your sleep needs. If it’s a particularly cold night, by all means switch to your thermal duvet, or add blankets. But remember, our body temperatures actually need to drop a little bit in order to initiate sleep and then they stay slightly lower during sleep than during the daytime. Let your natural body temperature regulate the warmth you need for optimal sleep. A good quality duvet should provide the insulation you need, while also ‘breathing’ to allow a natural flow of body heat and moisture.”

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