Why is It Important to Have a Good Mattress on Your Bed?

Why is It Important to Have a Good Mattress on Your Bed?

The bedroom is your inner sanctum. More than any other space, it’s in that sacred place that you find comfort, rest, and the right mindset to better shed the stresses of the day. And the most vital tool for achieving this status of peace, is your bed. But, did you know a good bed isn’t only a space for inner peace? It’s also a vital contributor to overall health for body, mind and soul. Here are three reasons why a good quality mattress can be an important contributor to better health in general.

Quality Slumber for Quality Days

We all know it, sleep is the key to a better day overall. This is because our bodies need rest to rejuvenate for better health. A good quality mattress will facilitate optimal sleep through technological advancements in the care of the craft, like pressure point relief, and the right back support. These are all contributing factors for comfort, that ensures blissful rest for an energised and productive day.

Better Sleep for Mood and Mind

Bad sleep can negatively affect one’s emotions, and so one’s mental stability – such is the importance of a good quality mattress. A poor mattress, and the poor sleep that it induces, could eventually bring about sleep deprivation. And it’s a heavy toll that this will place on the sufferer’s shoulders on a given day, with some common side effects being:

  • Reduced sharpness and mindfulness throughout the day.
  • Grogginess and constant yawning.
  • Irritability and other mood swings.
  • Reduced performance in daily duties.

Better Form and Posture

As we’ve said a number of times, good sleep is found in optimal spinal alignment. But people sleep differently. Everyone has their own sleep-style - a style that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and so the right mattress must be matched to the person for better sleep in every case. Further to this, that match isn’t only found in the quality of a given mattress – it’s in the right mattress, because the right mattress promotes spine alignment during sleep-state, and so better form, better posture, and pressure relief overall, for the body. But, how do you know which kind of sleeper you are, so that you can endeavour to choose a mattress that suits you best? You could fit into one, or more, of these sleep styles:

  • Side-sleeper – As a side-sleeper, much of the pressure is concentrated around the shoulders and hips. A plush mattress provides the side-sleeper with enough cushioning to cradle these touchpoints of pressure.
  • Back-sleeper – As a back-sleeper, too soft a mattress may cause your hips to sink, curving the spine. A plush mattress, again, provides the comfort of a soft mattress, but with enough support to keep the hips, neck and spine in line.
  • Stomach-sleeper – If you sleep on your stomach, your spine has to naturally curve, so anything other than a firm mattress won’t give you the support you need for better form and posture throughout the day.

There you have it, a few reasons why the benefits of a good mattress actually promote better wellbeing. In seeking the right one for you, some consideration must be lent to how you sleep because as we mentioned, it’s all about finding the bliss within the bed. Because that means sleep, and sleep means health, for the mind, and the body.

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