Moving Abroad? Do You Take the Beds?

Moving Abroad? Do You Take the Beds?

In South Africa, beds range from single to three-quarter, double to queen, and king to super king. And there are extra lengths in between. If you’re relocating overseas, or moving to South Africa, there are a few things you might want to know about international bed dimensions.

Moving home, especially internationally, is a stressful project. Taking care of your sleeping arrangements might not be top of mind. Yet it’s a critical part of settling into a new environment, especially if you’re travelling across time zones.

How Do Bed Sizes Compare Internationally?

For a quick international bed sizes online comparison, let’s compare the dimensions, in metric centimetres, of a single bed for the kids and a double bed for moms and dads*.

International Bed Sizes Chart

Country Single Double
South Africa 188 (or 200) x 91 188 (or 200) x 137
UK & Ireland 191 x 76 (or 91) 191 x 137
China 190 (or 195, 200, 210) x 80 (or 90, 100, 110, 120) 190 (or 195, 200, 210) x 135 (or 140, 150, 180)
India 198 x 91 198 x 122
Australia 188 x 92 188 x 137
New Zealand 188 x 92 188 x 135
France 190 x 90 190 (or 200) x 140 (or 160, 180)
Italy 190 x 90 (or 80) 190 x 160 (or 180)
Northern Europe 200 (or 210) x 90 200 x 160 (or 180, 200
North America 189 x 98 189 x 136

* Source – Wikipedia. Northern Europe includes Germany, Poland, Belgium Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

This is just a sample of international bed sizes. It’s a simple exercise to show that it is not a given that, wherever you’re locating to, or from, you will find the right linen sizes for the beds you freight.

Should I Freight the Beds?

Two factors apply: cost and convenience. The cost of including your bed among all your furniture and belongings is not likely to make a significant difference. But there could be, if not a cost, a considerable inconvenience on the other side. Consider two questions:

  1. How old are your current beds?
  2. Will bedding be an issue?

If your beds are fairly new, say a year or two old, you still have an extended lifespan in your mattresses. You may be reluctant to purchase a whole set of new family beds when you arrive. Instead, consider purchasing a good stock of fitted sheets to last for the next few years.

If your beds are older, perhaps over 8 years old, you’re less likely to get robust years of use ahead. It may be wiser to purchase new international bed size beds, either before departure or at your destination. In this case, do you pack along your existing linen? If your fitted sheets are slightly longer and wider, then it’s a minor inconvenience to tuck them in a little more. The alternative to having custom fitted sheets made would likely be inconvenient and unnecessarily costly. The climate you’re moving to is less of an issue as you can purchase appropriate duvets and covers to suit the weather.

Plan Your Move With Dial•a•Bed

An important convenience factor is getting your family settled in as soon, and as easily, as possible. You may decide to purchase a set of new beds before departing. Or pre-order your new beds if you’re headed out of or to South Africa. South Africa’s largest branded bed retailer will keep giving you the comfort and support to get the best night’s sleep, anywhere in the world. Find your nearest Dial•a•Bed store or shop online at Bon voyage and #SleepForLife!