Managing Private Time, Especially Sleep.

Being Selfish About Sleep is a Good Thing

Me, myself and I. It’s not your typical approach to forming healthy relationships. But it might be just the attitude you need when it comes to routine, quality sleep. And when you sleep better, you’re likely a nicer person. Less tetchy, more empathetic. You might discover more silver linings among those clouds. So, let’s chat about managing your private time and space. And the most important factor? Your sleep. Whatever your lifestyle challenges, keeping your sleep sacrosanct is your priority.

Why Putting Your Sleep First is Good

Prioritizing sleep can significantly enhance your daytime functioning, improve your relationships, and help you manage the challenges of daily life with a calmer and more considered approach. Research consistently shows that people who prioritize sleep tend to perform better during the day. Quality sleep helps to rejuvenate the mind and body. You’ll notice improved cognitive functions, better decision-making, and your emotions will be more balanced.

Manage Life Events for Better Sleep

Family comes first. And that, funnily enough, includes yourself. So consider that you’re likely as supportive as the quality of sleep you’re getting. Everyone has their fair (or unfair) set of demands and challenges. Let’s check out some other common scenarios together:

  1. Work demands – The top-down pressure. The expectations. The deadlines. The blur of weekends disappearing into the week. When the going gets tough, the tough get sleeping. Pulling over 16-hour days may be vital to an important project. Which is why you want to jealously guard your approaching bedtime and shut off the world for at least 6-8 hours. Eat on-the-go during the day if you must. Just choose healthier options. Use “offline” time to multitask with some moderate exercise. You may be surprised how much clearer your thinking is when you’re away from the fray.
  2. The tech attack – Participate in meetings that really matter. Perhaps attend remotely where possible. Be disciplined about quieting devices that ping emails and messages at you all day. Focus on your immediate task. Tech is a tool, not your master. And when you go to bed, smartphones, tablets and TVs are a no-no. Set your devices to an automated sleep mode. If you need a diversion to calm the mind, play some music or read a book.
  3. Emergencies – They’re never expected. It could be a short interruption, or an event with longer-term implications. In the freneticism of a sudden emergency, maintaining a quiet and private space may be quite challenging. As far as possible, keep prioritising your sleep health. Stay level-headed and be a meaningful support in a crisis.

Know Your Sleep “red Lines”

Everyone has a sense of their own health and productivity output. Or, at least, we should. It doesn’t take a confronting event to get a measure of our own capacity to function.

Whatever your current lifestyle scenario, keeping to your all-important rest routine will signal to others to respect your private time boundaries.

  1. Downtime space – It could be a study, your garden or even just a regular walk in the park. Find that place in your home, and your head, that is absolutely your own, personal quality time.
  2. Your bedroom – Remember that teenage sign you might have had on your bedroom door? No entry! Stay out! Well, there’s a healthy, grown-up reason to maintain that same attitude. Afford yourself a calming, inviting and restful environment. It’s called a bedroom. Keep the emphasis on bed.
  3. Monitor your daytime behaviour – Tetchy much? Barking things that are so not like you? Perhaps you’re overtired. Go figure. The first person you’re accountable to is yourself. A lack of sleep may see you crossing your own personality's “red lines”. Take care and re-attune to your sleep needs.

Be a Sleep Role Model

How do you just seem to keep going? What’s the secret? Well, perhaps it comes down to your precious private time and space. Again, most importantly, it’s about the lifestyle choices you actively make to ensure you get the all-important quality of sleep.

Respecting boundaries tends to sustain more robust relationships, whether personal, family, with friends, or among work colleagues. You can readily be the “better half” in all your relationships, not so much by being constantly available to everyone else’s needs, but by taking routine care of your own private time and space. Be a sleep role model.

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TAKE CARE: Lifestyle recommendations are not medical advice. Always consult your healthcare professional should you be experiencing prolonged sleep difficulties or related health issues.