How do You Know if it’s a Good Quality Mattress

Quality Mattress, Quality Rest – Finding the Features for Better Sleep


We’ve spoken at length about the importance of finding a mattress that supports your body type, and sleep habits, and that, when it comes to the guarantee of healthy rest, comfort and technology cannot exist in a mutually exclusive state. Technology in a mattress promotes comfort, and vice versa. It stands to reason then, that choosing a mattress - an act meant to ensure your best rest for the next 8 years – should be undergone with only quality at the forefront.


But how do you know you’re choosing a high-quality bed mattress?

Well, we’ve mentioned the physicality of it – suiting your choice to your body type and your sleep style. And you can read more about those factors to consider when choosing a mattress, here.

Let’s take some time here, though, to talk first sleeping concerns as they pertain to you, and then bed-craft – the construction elements to look out for when buying a new bed.


Sleep concerns


Sleep concerns are simply the manifestation in discomfort of the body’s stasis in sleep. There are two main areas of focus here, that can really only be controlled with a high-quality bed mattress. Let’s unpack them.


The hot sleeper


The hot sleeper is one susceptible to overheating at night. And this isn’t only due to warmer weather – in fact, the hot sleeper may suffer from physiological conditions that cause them to run hot or bedding that’s not breathable. Most pertinent though, is mattress technology. Some mattresses, depending on the materials from which they’re built, trap heat, and cause hot sleeping.


High-quality mattresses then, will have aspects of built-in tech that work to counter heat absorption, for cooler, more restful sleep. Here are just a few examples to consider:


Built-in cooling features


Some new features like metal particles such as copper sewn into the build, can effectively draw heat away from the body.

Also, new phase-change technology actively regulates temperature by storing and releasing heat in phases throughout the night. This ensures the optimal condition for the most uninterrupted comfortability.


Breathable construction


More open builds, like that found in beds with coil technology, ensure airflow through the gaps between pockets.


Cooling materials


Choosing a mattress with the highest quality cooling materials is a more economical way to ensure less overheating. Cooling materials do much to draw heat away from the body, but the discerning shopper would have to ask those specifics.


The sleeper with back pain


Whether you’re susceptible to waking up with back pain due to a mattress build, or whether it’s a lingering injury, when choosing a mattress, it’s all about the spine. In this case, medium mattresses with at least some foam for more support at vital pressure points like the neck, shoulders and hips, are the right choice. And support here is the operative word. Quality mattresses are crafted with that support built into the design from the first fibre to the last coil. And it’s worth seeking that guarantee, because studies have shown that if you have back pain, the right mattress for your sleep-style and body type can help improve pain, stiffness and discomfort, by up to 60%.


Sleep-craft – Better sleep through quality mattress design


Because choosing a mattress isn’t a regular outing, modern design features can sometimes surge ahead of the general buyer’s bed knowledge. The right construction features for your sleep must be considered first, though, when making a selection, because it’s the build of the mattress that will uphold its comfort and support until the next buying cycle. So, if you’re in the market for your next bed, consider these factors.


  • Edge support – A mattress that sinks at the sides is simply, uncomfortable. Poor edge support is the characteristic of a lower quality mattress, so ensure the one you have your eyes on has optimal give at all edges.
  • Motion isolation – One of the biggest causes of disturbed slumber, is the tossing and turning of a partner. High-quality foam mattresses, and in particular, luxury foam beds, isolate partner motion better than the more economical innerspring options.
  • Mattress height – Higher-quality mattresses are often built with more height, giving them a pillowy, luxurious feel, and heightened support and comfort overall. This is as opposed to a shorter mattress, which may be easier to manoeuvre and set up but won’t be able to offer that comfort you can truly sink into.


Are these the features you’re looking for in a new mattress?

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