Get your bedroom winter ready.

Why a winter bedroom?

It’s winter sniffles time again. Your sleep environment plays a critical role in maintaining your sleep routine. Deep, re-energizing sleep helps to keep your immune system robust and healthy. Bedrooms should be seasonally adapted to ensure you still get a proper night’s rest.

Here are a few practical tips to arrange your bedroom for the cold months ahead.

Winter Bedroom Tips

Stay Cool

As odd as this sounds in winter, it is important not to overheat your bedroom or pile on the layers. By all means, be warm and comfortable, but don’t stifle your sleep. Leave a window open just a crack to allow fresh airflow. If your bed is next to the window, shift it away from the draft.

Keep to your sleep routine

Our bodies are used to waking as natural daylight breaks. Daylight hours are shorter in winter. Keep your circadian rhythm (your natural body clock) attuned to your regular sleeping hours. It’s likely still dark outside when you wake up. Turn on a soft bedside lamp when it’s time to hop out of bed. That way you’re telling your brain to get up and go.

Swap to a winter duvet

Duvets have what’s called a tog rating from 1 to 15. Thinner duvets have lower tog ratings. These are best for summer months. Thicker and more insulated duvets have a higher tog ratings to keep you snug through winter. Instead of piling on the blankets, consider a thicker duvet that will keep you just as warm, but still have breathability, allowing your body heat to disperse.

Dry winters and wet winters

At higher altitudes, South Africans experience a dry cold. A humidifier placed away from the bed can take the edge off harsh, dry air. Along coastal areas, winter tends to be damp. Likewise, a dehumidifier would help to regulate your bedroom’s moisture density. Whether your winter is dry or wet, make sure your bedroom stays well ventilated. Fresh air is what good, healthy sleep needs.

Create a warm winter ambiance

Soft lighting creates a warm, inviting environment. It will also calm down your thoughts as you get ready for bed. A fragranced candle with a soothing, relaxing scent can help to take the mind off a winter chill. Once under the covers, you can simply drift off. Hopefully you’ll be dreaming of a sunny, tropical island.

Dial•a•Bed Winter Warmers

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