Affordable Beds for Sale

Affordable Beds for Sale

Sleep is a vital human function that allows the body to heal. And the bed – that symbol of comfort and rest – is the tool that facilitates and ensures good, rejuvenating slumber, for better overall health.


But the bed, for all its importance as a sleep aid, can oftentimes be a costly buy. In fact, some beds come with price tags that can cause sleepless nights, rather than peaceful ones.


At Dial-a-Bed, we understand the reality of some beds busting the bank – but also the need for the best options in beds, for the most beneficial sleep possible. And so, in our comprehensive range, we’ve made sure to include some more affordable options in sleep-craft. But make no mistake, these are all still top-quality bed options, only a little easier on the wallet.


Different types of affordable beds


Dunlopillo Go Ultra


More bed for your buck, that’s the Dunlopillo Go Ultra. This one brings the support and comfort in equal measure, and is perfect for a guest room bed, or an upsize for the kids. High-quality latex, high density foam, and a VC60 support core, ensures perfect spinal alignment for enhanced comfort and great sleep.

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Sealy Willowbridge


The Sealy Willowbridge is a great looking mattress, with a cutting-edge design for high comfort. It’s masterly crafted with Sealy’s unique StayTrue foam, providing vital body support in the areas where you need it most.

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Dunlopillo Excel


The Dunlopillo Excel is a world-class sleep aid, crafted with high grammage silver tech material for moisture-management, thermal regulation and enhanced hygiene while you rest. What’s more, the AmalgaFlex foam built into its design conforms perfectly to your body, and then regains its original shape, as you move in the night.

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King Koil Beech MK11


The King Koil Beech is a marvel of spring tech. Crafted with an individually pocketed dynamic coil system called VertiCoil Edge, this mattress both brings heightened comfort and conformity for your body, and isolated movement for an uninterrupted sleep across the board.

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Slumber King Gelmax


Here, comfort and cutting-edge design meet in restful union. Again, painstakingly crafted with VertiCoil Edge spring technology, the Slumber King Gelmax is the incarnation of supreme comfort and support. What’s more, it gives you all of this under the banner of a very attractive price.

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Tips for choosing the right affordable bed for you


To properly choose the right mattress for your best night of sleep, there are some very specific factors unique to you, that you must consider. One example is your overall sleeping style – basically, the position you default to in your sleep, to find optimum comfort and thus rest. Another is your body type, as this will largely dictate your unique sleep needs. If you want to read a detailed breakdown of these points, have a look at this article we put together to help you out.


Once you know what to look for, try this quick list of top tips for the buyer:


  • Try before you buy. Visit your nearest Dial-a-Bed, and take our instore comfort test at one of our comfort stations, to make sure the bed you want is right for you
  • Make sure you think about the size of the room that the bed will occupy, and buy accordingly
  • Make sure the bed looks good too
  • Buy with your body in mind – make sure there’s optimal support for your body’s pressure points, like back, shoulders and hips


Where to find affordable beds for sale online and in store


Look no further than Dial-a-Bed. Not only do we have the bed that’s going to match your body type and sleeping habits, but we have affordable modern beds for sale that give your wallet as much comfort as they give you.

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