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    Bedside tables for sale at Dial a Bed

    If the bed is the leading star, then a pedestal is its important supporting act. Functional and a key décor element in the bedroom, the pedestal or bedside table plays a key role during your time in bed.

    Practically, you can rest necessities on it such as a lamp, book, remote controls and phone charger. If your pedestal has drawers or a lower shelf, it can also store useful things on hand. On a more aesthetic level, a pedestal can hold beautiful and meaningful items such as photographs, jewellery, flowers and candles.

    How to choose a pedestal

    Measure the height of your bed so that you can find a pedestal that’s almost the same height as your bed, or a comfortable level when you’re reaching for things. If you have a small bedroom, check the amount of width you have to fit in the pedestals. Ideally you want your pedestals a few centimetres away from your bed, without obstructing anything else in the room, such as cupboards or drawers.

    Consider what you want to keep on your pedestal, and ensure there’s enough surface area for it.

    Consider the type of storage you need in your side table. Would you like an open shelf, or would you prefer a drawer in which to tuck items away, or do you want both?

    If you’d like, coordinate the colour of your pedestal with your bedroom’s palette, including the bed and headboard. A dark pedestal can tone down a bright room, while a light one can help to bring in light and brightness.

    Where can you buy pedestals?

    Dial a Bed sells beautiful pedestals to suit your style and practical needs. Buy online, or go to one of our stores for a good look.

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