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    Headboards for sale

    One of the most stylish and functional sleep sanctuary items is a headboard, which will not only make your bedroom look more comfortable, but will also add comfort to your sleep time, and all those moments you spend in bed just relaxing.

    Dial a Bed has fantastic headboards for sale, in colours and styles to complement your bedroom. Choose from a variety of wooden or fabric headboards, and watch how it adds warmth, cosiness and comfort to your room. Our headboards are comfortable, highly resistant, and easy to clean.

    Why we love headboards

    A headboard provides extra support and comfort if you’re sitting up in bed reading, working on a laptop, watching TV or eating. Instead of craning your neck, or trying to prop up pillows for support, simply find your comfort zone with your headboard.

    A headboard can offer protection from accidental head knocks and bumps.

    A headboard is a key design feature in your bedroom, and is often the first item that catches the eye. They come in a wide range of colours, designs and materials, so it’s easy to find one that completes or creates your bedroom look.

    Whether your choose a wooden headboard or upholstered one, they’re easy to clean. Wood can be wiped with a damp cloth, while a fabric headboard can be vacuumed clean.

    Tip: While a headboard is good for support and comfort, so too is a quality pillow. We offer a range of pillows to suit all preferences.

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