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  1. Sealy Willowbridge Firm
    Sealy Willowbridge Firm
    From R5,049 From R4,049

    40 490

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  2. Sealy Turnberry Medium
    Sealy Turnberry Medium
    From R5,549 From R4,549

    45 490

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  3. Sealy Strato Plush
    Sealy Strato Plush
    From R7,549 From R6,549

    65 490

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  4. Sealy Skyline Extra Firm
    Sealy Skyline Extra Firm
    From R9,099 From R8,099

    80 990

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  5. Sealy Skyline Medium
    Sealy Skyline Medium
    From R10,599 From R9,599

    95 990

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  6. Sealy Skyline Ultra Plush
    Sealy Skyline Ultra Plush
    From R14,599 From R13,599

    135 990

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6 Items


Sealy Beds For Sale

Experience zero gravity when you sleep in a plush, luxurious Sealy bed. Allow your body to sink into weightlessness on a Sealy bed set that matches your comfort levels and budget. At Dial-a-Bed we stock a range of Sealy beds designed to offer you on of the most comfortable sleep experiences of your live; encouraging your body and mind to rest, recover and recharge each night.

Sealy South Africa first opened in 1967 and has been known ever since as the bedding company that puts science at the forefront of their bed designs. When you buy a Sealy bed for sale, you’re not only investing in your body’s health but also in a long-lasting bed from the world’s number one bed brand. Sealy beds are designed by orthopaedic surgeons who have created a bedding and mattress range that is both supportive and utterly feather-soft.

Trust the Dial-a-Bed team, to offer you only the best when it comes to beds for every occasion. From king size beds for the perfect master bedroom, to single beds ideal for kids’ rooms or guest rooms, and everything in between. When you shop online, you can opt to search via the size of bed you’re looking for, via the price range you’re looking in and via the comfort and feel of the bed you want. As the biggest bedding retailer in SA, we offer you choice to make sure you always get what you want from the bed of your dreams

Why buy a Sealy bed set?

Dial-a-Bed offers you excellent value for money when you’re comparing Sealy bed prices with our competitors. But, besides price, customers are often drawn to Sealy beds because of the excellent features and benefits they offer.

When searching through Sealy bed reviews, you’ll be able to see the high level of customer satisfaction that every happy Sealy buyer experiences. Softness, comfort, long-lasting and supportive are just some of the ways in which a Sealy bed has been described by reviewers world-wide.

Take a look at why we think you should consider buying a Sealy;

Pressure-relieving comfort design

Undisturbed, comfortable sleep is what the designers of Sealy beds aim to achieve for their customers every single night. Every Sealy mattress offers the ultimate in support and comfort with the brands Posture Premier Open Coil and Posturepedic Offset Coil technology.

Orthopaedically-designed support

Designed by a team of expert orthopaedic surgeons, Sealy beds are orthopedically correct and offer what the brand calls, “superior edge support” which is an integrated, support system surrounding the bed; allowing excellence in comfort and support to last in the Bed set for years.

Unique fabric design with silver technology

The silver technology weaved effortlessly into the fabric of every Sealy bed, ensures an uninterrupted night’s sleep thanks to how it evens out body temperature during the night. The silver technology allows for effortless cooling and heating properties of the fabric for an even, balanced temperature all night long.

How much is a Sealy bed?

At Dial-a-Bed, we truly believe that buying a Sealy bed from us is not just a purchase but rather an investment. The Sealy range of beds starts low and covers all options in between.

Where to buy Sealy beds?

Buy a Sealy bed with Dial-a-Bed today; we make bed shopping a breeze;

Dial-a-Bed Online

Our online store is packed to the heavens with bedding brands that will take you to heaven every night thanks to their plush, supportive designs. Shop safely and without worry online and take your time browsing through our sealy range of beds for sale. Shop according to your needs and budget, for an easy simple process.

Dial-a-Bed In Store

Sometimes, browsing through a bed shop and getting the look and feel of a bed before you buy is part of the fun of bed shopping. If you’re an in-store shopper we’d love to have you at any one of our 65 stores countrywide. What’s more, when you shop in a store, you have the option of trying out a bed or two in our Comfort Test Areas. We showcase some of the best-selling brands in these areas, allowing you to actually jump on and test drive the bed so to speak.

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