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  1. Restonic Uni Base
    Restonic Uni Base
    From R800

    8 000

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  2. Restonic Odyssey
    Restonic Odyssey
    From R3,299 From R2,799

    27 990

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  3. Restonic Palmer Medium
    Restonic Palmer Medium
    From R6,099 From R5,099

    50 990

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3 Items


Restonic Beds For Sale

Grab Restonic bed sets from Dial-a-Bed now and guarantee yourself a better night’s sleep tonight! We offer beds and bed sets at superbly competitive prices. Restonic is a name synonymous with better sleep, so we’re more than proud to stock a range of their beds across all of our Dial-a-Bed stores.

When you shop at Dial-a-Bed online, you’ll not only be able to choose from the best Restonic beds prices but you’ll also be able to browse by size and by comfort. We offer bed sets in king, queen, ¾, double and single bed sizes with the option to add extra length to your purchase too. Choose from firm and medium comfort beds too.

Restonic consistently wins awards for their excellence in experience and it goes without saying, that almost every bed review and reviewer reports that their sleep has improved dramatically after sleeping on one of these beds.

Why choose a Restonic bed set?

Restonic offers the consumer several reasons why they should buy their beds. Other than a superbly improved night’s sleep, choosing a Restonic bed for sale from Dial-a-Bed promises;

A safe night’s sleep

All Restonic beds come with the Underwriters Laboratories Certification logo firmly stamped on, which means it has been fire safety tested to the highest of standards. As one of the first bed manufacturers to implement fire safety and health compliance standards as part of their manufacturing process, Restonic puts the safety of their customers at the top of their to do lists.

A supportive design

Their design team, created the patented ‘marvellous middle” design which provides extra support to the centre third of every mattress and bed set. The thinking behind this ingenious design was that while you sleep, our hips and spine need the most support.

A variety of fabrics

Restonic offers a variety of fabric choices in their bed designs. From bamboo for eco-friendly breathability, to imported, woven fabric for a plush feel, you’re guaranteed to find the fabric that fits you best.

An enhanced, cushioned design

The beds designed by this world-famous bedding brand all have an optimised cushioning pillowtop to offer an additional layer of comfort while you sleep.

How much is a Restonic bed?

Price is often the question on many customer’s minds when they come in to a Dial-a-Bed store or visit us online. At Dial-a-Bed we offer Restonic bed sets at affordable prices with the option to spend a little more should you want to.

Pop in to a store near you or chat to our Dial-a-Bed helper online and let us know what you’re looking for and what your price range is. We’ll be glad to offer you the best price we can for a quality Restonic bed set today.

Where to buy Restonic beds?

You can buy a Restonic bed set with Dial-a-Bed in two ways. We make shopping for a better night’s sleep as easy as one, two;

Order Online

Dial-a-Bed online showcases all of the product ranges we have in store and more. Shop comfortably from the safety of your home and browse through our range of Restonic beds for sale. Our online store offers easy to use filters like price, comfort and size to help you find the range of beds that suit you as perfectly as possible.

In Store Options

We have over 65 stores nationwide, in just about every province in SA. Many customers still prefer to browse in store and get a feel for the look and feel for a bed set. We completely understand that, and that’s why we offer free Comfort Test Areas in most of our stores. In these areas we showcase a range of popular brands and makes for you to test out and get a real-feel for the fabric and softness of the bed before you buy.

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