Simmons Healthsmart Pampertop Queen Bed Set

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    About This Item

    Features and Benefits
    Imported/Treated/Tissue-Knit Fabrics
    Fully Imported Eurotop
    Removable/Washable Mattress Top
    • Prevents mildew spots, unpleasant odours, and has build in anti-microbial protection.
    • Specialised technology and design.
    • Hygienic solution to stains and allergies.
    Simmons Original Individual Pocketed Coil® Sleep System
    • Conforms to the contours of your body.
    • Minimises the transfer of motion from one partner to the other.
    • Heavy duty coils ensuring mattress durability and longevity.

    International Specification High Gauge
    • Increasing responsiveness from coils for body contour and support..
    Double Border Support
    • Reinforces the perimeter of the mattress and maximises the sleep area.
    Firm Top Base
    • Provides overall firm support for the mattress.
    Visco Elastic Euro Top Infused With Cool Gel
    • Space age technology comfort layer.

    No Roll
    • Some mattresses are designed to reduce partner disturbance.  When one person tosses or turns, the other will not feel it.
    • This allows for extended sessions of deep revitalizing sleep.
    Memory Foam
    • Next generation advanced memory foam relieves pressure points and gives the ultimate in luxurious support.

    Do Not Turn
    • Specially designed coils so you do not need to flip your mattress.

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